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2010 Summer Tour EP

  • 2010 Summer Tour EP
    August 10, 2010


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August 10, 2010
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dineysa kimberly sanchez's picture

ignorance <3
shortysav's picture

My first Paramore show was on this tour in San Jose, CA. I've never been the same since. #paramore #forevermore
aimisyahirah's picture

thank u, paramore, for inspiring me :-)
Wildan Nararya Dirgantara's picture

hayleygonzalez2004's picture

I love paramore is the best band in the world I hope you are well and better for everyone to know that band are as good as I think
mayara rodrigues's picture

still into you now brick by boring brink love paramore love much forever all songs home with me hayley ?????????????????????
aronoliveira's picture

I love!
RobbiArdiansahParamore&#039;LatinoAmerica's picture

forever Paramore
mtfadeparamore's picture

MaryParAlways's picture

CobaenPascual's picture

whats your favorite song in paramore ?? :)
paramoreismything's picture

I listen to them all day everyday <3 FOREVER A PARAWHORE C:
luis arvizu's picture

I wake up every morning I hear paramore
Sebastián López Barrera's picture

ElloiseMitzi's picture

Maleny_S's picture

want to hear
AstridPARAMORE5's picture

keren banget blog nya. tiap ganti tema, pasti makin keren l love ya paramore <3
alifikri's picture

parawhore mana ?
Wafflepears's picture

I cant go to school without listening to their songs(: PARAMORE♥
carlomorerck's picture

hi I just want to scream: Paramore is the best band in the world!!!
IsabelaSilva's picture

VerónicaS's picture

this is so awesome ♥
It&#039;s_Beth_Y&#039;all's picture

i was so there. me and Hayley shared the best moment of our lives together.
Dosiaczek81's picture

I have a great fondness for Wembley. Perfect concert. I love us!
Mini Pant's picture

they are working!
Jonathan17's picture

..stupefy songs!!
Gabi Chiele's picture

Melhores que a Hayley, Taylor e Jeremy.. impossível - minha opnião *-*
alegonzalez97's picture

not available in iTunes Store U.S. :( :( :(
Jessica Erwin's picture

songs do not work
Rinda D&#039;Parawhore's picture

nice :)