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2014 Australian / New Zealand Tour

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on August 7, 2013 - 6:55pm

Dates for Paramore's 2014 Australian / New Zealand tour with special guests You Me At Six and twenty one pilots have been announced. Tickets for all shows are available now.

1.19 AUCKLAND, NZ @ Vector Arena (TICKETS) *

* does not include You Me At Six


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Does anyone know if Paramore is going to do a meet and greet in Perth? I would really love to meet them and it would be so awesome!! Thanks c:
JustinnnRiot's picture

I'm sure they are, however I'm going to the airport just in case they aren't doing a M&G. Just trying to find out times they fly in!!
Kleinki's picture

Is Paramore doing a meet and greet in NZ?
allii_t's picture

2 more days to go!!!! can't wait to see my favourite band again! it's been a while and things have changed since the last time i saw them but they've grown into a kickass band so i can't wait!
aimeemore's picture

I'm so hyped for the Perth show!! Does anyone know if there are any meet and greets in Perth? And if so, do you have to pay for it or is it a contest and how do I participate? I am so desperate to meet them! They've changed my life so much, I can't even put it into words!
HuanHueiHsiao's picture

Just bought my ticket for Brisbane a few days ago. I was also wondering about the meet and greet. Is that a ticket that we get or do we have to buy it? And since I selected the option with VENUS, do I go and get it before hand or do I get on the day of the concert? It's the first time I ever used Ticketek and also the first concert I've ever been to in my life so I have no clue as to what I'm suppose to do. If any one could point me in the right direction, that would help a lot. Thanks.
georgiatheparamaniac86's picture

hey guys um I am dying to get a meet and greet for their Brisbane show and I know you will find out like 3 day before the show if u got one or not but, I was just wondering if I got my tickets and my dad paid for them through his ticketek account will they send the email to the email that he uses for ticketek or my email from I really want to know and also if u win one, how do the people at the venue know ur telling the truth and where do you go for it? I need to know and if u win one and for some stupid reason u don't want it I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE :) thanks guys please reply it would help me a lot
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Hello I'm coming all the way from France to Australia next year, does anyone know how to participate for the m&g in Brisbane Australia? Thank you so much for your answer!
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Anyone know where to get tickets besides the general admission ones for Melbourne on the 12th? Dying to watch them but I got late getting the tickets :'(
rebekahmanibog's picture

Got the presale tickets when they came out! GONNA BE IN MY FIRST PROPER MOSHPIT EVER! IT'S GONNA BE WARPED IN SYDNEY! CAN'T WAIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!! (pretty late comment but idc sooo excited!)
dlyd's picture

So awesome! Please if anyone can let me know the age requirement to attend the show in Sydney, will appreciate it! =)
sean_j's picture

Yay! I won a tour poster!
alex392's picture

yesh! got the closest seats to taylor i could get, HA!
Para-Shannon's picture

I can't even figure out how to buy the tickets!
tragically_hip's picture

Use the Edge presale password - FUN ----> <----
Leah Stewart's picture

See you all there! So excited!!
hotmess_mello's picture

BOOOOOOO YAAAAA!!! Got my tix for Auckland with awesome seating! Can't wait for Jan!
XShine.BrightX's picture

NZ ticketing systems are pretty crap. I had front row seating all booked and ready and then when I clicked continue after entering payment and shipping details it said "sorry but we couldn't process that request" and I lost my tickets. I eventually managed to get some (yay) but they weren't as good. I guess I'm just glad I got some in the end!!!
Hannah Mooney's picture

Got my tickets for Auckland!!!!! Woooooo :) see you there
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collectivedogs's picture

woot! see ya'll there NZ!
Grief Hammer's picture

Got my ticket!!!!
tragically_hip's picture presale password for NZ shows here ----> <------
jordblom's picture

Is there a m&g for NZ or nah?
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also is it true that some people will win meet and greets by buying tickets through the fanclub pre-sale? or is that just australia?
georgialouise's picture

is the pre-sale code for auckland gonna be here or emailed to us before 9am (nz time) tomorrow?
Wai's picture

its going to be posted on this page!! along with links to where we can buy the tickets (:
georgialouise's picture

thank you!
eolhc's picture

I wish you could add a show for Wellington, NZ! I really cant afford to go to Auckland :/ Still so excited though!! :)
alex392's picture

OMG you added NZ!! thank you, thank you, thank you!