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Alternative Press Cover and Band of the Year!

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on December 20, 2007 - 12:09pm

Check out the cover of February's Alternative Press HERE and make sure to pick up a copy when it hits stores on January 8th!Check out the cover of February's Alternative Press HERE and make sure to pick up a copy when it hits stores on January 8th!

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Submitted By: MiLy OMg!!!! I love U guys sooo much!!!! U gotta come to Puerto Rico!!!!! It would be awsomee i fu guys come!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: kebrina walker u guys deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: kelli main yuo should come to st. louis, Missouri sometime...i love you guys but your always palying in other countries and stuff and you need to come here so that i can see you in concert...i would be so amazed if you did...make the best out of this oppurtunity that you guys have been blessed with (the band not the concert) and make sure you pursure everything that you have wanted and dont take anything for grantit. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: cassie i love you guys ive been listening to youre songs and i loved them since the beganing and you rule and im going to but it soon tommorow hopefully 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Zac Robson I just got it yesterday before it hit shelves. The article inside is amazing, even though i already knew everything they told me. Paramore dominated the awards too! It scared me when i read the part in Hayley's interview where they asked if Zac will ever graduate high school, because i spell my name the same way and im not doing to well in school either. lol. I thought i was seeing things. but ya, the magizine is good and its worth the $5! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Paramore Fan OMG I so wanted one just I can't get hold of one since i'm outside the US =[ 1.0's picture

Submitted By: nuk Hi! Can you add my link somewhere, i will do the same! My site is emo 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Becca I just wanted to say how amazing the article was. I got bumps on my arms when I heard you had considered breaking up last summer... I never knew that but I wished yall had told us a little about what was going on..but i understand how you would want to keep it on the down low. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: ANNA Hells yeah, you guys should of been on the cover a long time ago. I already got my copy! Great article! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Megan FINALLY!!!!... i've been pullin AP mags out of my mailbox for about 2 years now and have patiently waited for you fabulous individuals to grace the cover.. HALLELUJAH (no pun intended) Maybe now they'll just change the title of the mag to "PARAMORE" and you guys can be on it ALL THE TIME... I see no problem with that, considering you guys are the greatest thing since light up shoes, the original power rangers, and the crayon sharpener on the MEGA packs of Crayolas.... well your music makes my day and come back to MN as soon as humanly possible =) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: kasey! YAY! band of the year. all totally deserve it. =] guess what? i got your autographs in the mail yesterday. hahaha. i asked a super nice radio guy to get them for me during the san fran nssn. and they came yesterday. so thank you so much. i know you all probably hate autographing because you have to do it so much. so thank you, thank you, thank you. =] <3foreverandalways.kasey! ps: write me back? [ ] 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Steph WOW!! congradulations, guys! I can't wait to get it and read the article. Have fun basking in the awesomeness of being Band of the Year! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Jericho Congrats guys!! U deserve to be the band of the year!! I've liked your music since I first listened to it! I was like WOW!! (jaw dropped...) hehe. All the best! It's a bit late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEY!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Dixon Hey guys i know that you guys get TONS of "fan" mail but i wanted to tell you this from the bottom of my heart alright! ok i was watching MTV one day and i saw your band on one of the comercials and i thought you were pretty dang good! but i just ignored it for a while. Then i saw it again and i just had to find out who you were! so i did and i totally love your music and my two DEFENITE favorites are crushcrushcruas and misery business!!!!!!!!! omg!!! love it so i love you guys thanks for keepin your dreams high and succeeding your goals!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: ariana! OMG this is so cool!!! im gunna save my money for that one! (where i live it's almos twice the price than in US) CONGRATULATIONS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEY!!!!!! i''m so pissed i coudnt post before :$ but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! <333 1.0's picture

Submitted By: allison i can not wait till this hitz the shelvez!!!!! I ♥ PARAMORE!!!! i just got a new Paramore t-shirt for Christmas! :D 1.0's picture

Submitted By: marttinsk all the best to ur birthday hayley :) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Rita *Paramore in 5# Hit list Portugal Paramore Rules!! you are awesome 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Rita Paramore in 5# Hir list Portugal Paramore Rules!! you are awesome 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Hugo For me PARAMORE - BEST BAND EVER!! Rock is Paramore! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Cameron well jeez of course band of the year :D i love you guys so much youve been my favorite band for almost two years now and idk but your my role model and your music os soo inspirational on both cds wich i have and all the other music tht yall have which im not sure us on any cds like breath or cirles u know well ne ways ill stop ranting luv ya byes :) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: bree. happy b-day hayley:] actually fkcking adore your music. :] sickk as. lovve it & you guysss. x 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Nick You guys...I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!I have both of your CD's RIOT! & All We Know Is Falling!The first 4 songs I heard were:Pressure,Emergency.Misery Buisness,then crushcrushcrush!I Love All We Know(the song) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Raymond Dilag HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEY!!!! i know it was yesterday but i couldn't post then. =| 1.0's picture

Submitted By: savannah! hey you guys rock! love the music,congragulations and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! thanks,love ya! <3savannah! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: i Happy Birthday to Hayley! Btw: i love you're MVI CD&DVD! Can't wait to see you guys in concert!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: MARCE FEELIZ CUUMPLEAA 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Haley Hayley you are so awesome. By the way, Happy Birthday! I think you're so coll cuz you can sing awesome and my name is just like urs besides the last name.... My name is Haley Nicole... I am a huge fan and everyone on youtube thinks you're so beauteeful. A huge fan, Haley 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Katya Hey!!! It's me from Puerto Rico...Congradulations for the Grammy's nomination.Hope you win. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Rocking Guys!!!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Deanna The Big Parawhore Happy b-day my idol after god