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Behind The Scenes of 'Ain't It Fun'

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on March 4, 2014 - 4:50pm

Here's a video from the set of the 'Ain't It Fun' music video in Nashville. Go to to see complete videos of each official world record!


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This is one of my favorite video and most popular too.
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Dude wow . Just . Wow :))
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I love Hayley !!!! COME TO PERÚ !!!!! PERUMORE!!
MaryCyrilleHernandez's picture

This Is Awesome! ▌▌▌
yrd's picture

This music video is one of the most brilliant fun videos ever made, it's so awesome for you guys to come up with this idea. Watching this made me happy and 'ain't it fun' has been stuck in my head for weeks now. I have to admit, when josh and zac left I was kinda sad about it but You guys made it work so well and you are so blessed to have each other.:) One of the best trios. I love ♥taylor♥. he's just the cutest thing.♥♥♥
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Cool! :D
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Aww taylor's soo cute "this is what happenes when the good lord gives you curly hair" ♥♥ love you guys and your curly hair taylor!