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'Brick By Boring Brick' Video Premiere Monday on!

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on November 23, 2009 - 12:39am

Be sure to log on to Monday, November 23rd at 3pm EST for the long-awaited premiere of the new video 'Brick By Boring Brick.'



Nur'Asiqqin's picture

Paramore's best video so far!!!
chikeey's picture

better off without you's picture

the video is awesome thanks guys!
--Edy-Mendoza--'s picture

wii is the best video
pahmeiLah's picture

i love it! hayley was so beautifuL... i really really hayley's voice.... you rock Paramore....
orangebendystraw's picture

Awesome Song! love it! and the videos oober cool! :P
Santeridude's picture

Its a great video..its something we can all relato to...Its a dream were fears, hopes, believes morph to a fantasy experiment. Job well done PARAMORE. Cant wait for the fruit of your next brain workshop session. Maybe next a live video with a twist...just an idea. Stay the barriers to imagination.
paramorefanwashere101's picture

how do you save it into ur computer??
Mapi Aramayo's picture

Great... I just read this now xDD however, the video is amazing :D
TeMoOo's picture

PARAMORE BEST VIDEO EvER! Loved the dark stufff..!!!! WOOOW awesome end. Paramore ultra ruleEZ !
milkman_2's picture

yeah!!!!!!!=) brick by borning brick....................=)=)=)=))=)=)=)=) this video is collll.......XD
daniel billy's picture

ohhh my.........$%&/() este es el mejor video de el mundo mejor que triller jajaja este video va a hacer historia paramore la mejor banda del planeta
yess's picture

this is the best video yeah!!!!!
RachelKathleen's picture

My fav song off of the album :D LOVE the video for it too!!!! though I do feel sorry for the wee lassy :P
xlr8ng23's picture

that was awesome guys! i found the gnome, around 1:55!
Brianne Nicole's picture

OMG i loooovveee the new music video!! its awesome and really amazing!! Great Job!
Nick3's picture

What a wonderful video clip! Love it! I love the way it ends!
leahdoll's picture

Yes! Thanks Hayley!!!! :] NOW...When's a better quality one going to be put up??? :D
Kleo's picture

by the way...thank you Hayley!!!
leahdoll's picture

AH! Found it! When the midget is on he's tied up I think... He's swinging his feet back and forth.
maru63's picture

god!!!!!!!!!!! i loooove this video!!!!!!!!!! i love u josh! i love u hayley!!!!!!!! all u guys are the best!:)
Sarinja's picture

Sarinja's picture

i didn't see any garden gnome ;o
leahdoll's picture

The Garden Gnome? I didn't see one....
Paramore_Freak_12's picture

Loooooooove it! So amazing. Hayley looks beuatiful. And I laughed when the little girl fell in the hole.
Kleo's picture

ah! Hayley just tweeted that Taylor is a garden gnome!!!
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Kleo's picture

it seems like Taylor is the "lumberjack" (i don't know if that's the right word)...
leahdoll's picture

It's for sure Zac, watch the bhind the scenes. I'm pretty sure Taylor's not in it at all. :/
Sarinja's picture

i think the thief look like taylor :P but maybee im wrong