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  • Posted by Paramore

    The Ain’t It Fun Remixes EP is available now on iTunes! It features 3 remixes of the song by Dutch Uncles, Smash Mode and Kye Kye plus the radio edit.

  • Watch the MONUMENTOUR merch fashion show from backstage at the first date of the summer tour and pick up all these items (and more) at the Paramore merch booth this summer - click HERE for dates!

  • Want to take pictures of Paramore from the press photo pit on the MONUMENTOUR? Pick up one of the 15 cameras sold each day at the outdoor merchandise tent during the Paramore Fan Tailgate and you could find a photo pass included with your camera. 2 lucky winners each day will get to photograph the band from the pit for the first 3 songs using their disposable camera!

    Be sure to show up to the show early for the Paramore Fan Tailgate so you can get one of the cameras (only 15 will be available at each show). Then share your photos here on .net!