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first post ever!!!

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on December 2, 2007 - 2:45pm


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Hey paramore, if you are reading this, please come to Argentina. we love you so much here!!! :D At least tweet something about Argentina, you guys tweet about Brazil only :(
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aww first post! :) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Amber Hahaha, there's nothing there? :S Oh well. :] Soo, uh, hows life for ya? xDD That's such a stupid question! :P Jeremy. Clayton. Davis. That's sort of an epic name. :D I betcha you feel all creeped out that I know your middle name... So... Mine's is... Amber. Marie. Colon. Mine is weird, I know. :P Well... See ya! :] 1.0's picture

Submitted By: "Bookstore" Dude your so awesome!!!!!...I mean you guys really are the best band out there and you guys aren't like the jonas bros...they can be annoying with their music...but when i listen to you guys...i feel all better. Alternative Rock is great to..PARAMORE FOREVER!!!! <3 <3 <3 :D 1.0's picture

Submitted By: hattie smooth Jeremy. REAL smooth P.S Please come to Christchurch, New Zealand. We may be small, but we are a hard-out small country. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: JONA dude... u are full rock!!! and that's it!! xD from Venezuela with full rock i told u: U and Paramore are the best fucking thing ever! =D i wish u a really really good luck in everything u want! :D and thanks God for give us ur freaking good music! bye! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Scarlet I LOVE YOU JEREMY!!! I wish you'd grow your hair out again, it looked so downright G :D. Your my fav band. I hate all that crappy Jonas brothers pop/rock junk. it's no good and it sucks. you guys care more about your music, and I LOVE ALTERNATIVE ROCK! (which is my genre for you guys, not pop/punk or pop/rock) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Mariona I also like Jeremy Muse! haha you are the best come to spain please:( 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Morgan I LOVE YOU JEREMY!!!! I saw you guys with the no doubt tour in St.Louis! Your amazing and i'm sure you've heard this countless times but your DEAD SEXY!!! Lol well i hope you read this!!!! Paramore rules!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: yeliz hello jeremyyy im yeliz from turkey pls come to turkey.. u r so so so sweettt please make myspace <3<3<3 JEREM[Y]ELIZ <3 I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCHHHHHH ^^ PLS WRITE BACKKK 1.0's picture

Submitted By: mariane HI JEREMY!!! I don't know what I like to say to you. Well, I guess God Bless you!!!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Hallie Jeremy. I got to meet you at the Cleveland show and you commented on my socks. I find that important enough to post because all my friends and family were making fun of me and my tall black socks. Little do they know the socks caught your eye! Your show was amazing, along with your flip over the back trick in the middle of playing. I am hopeful to get to meet you guys again and watch another amazing performance. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Ayanna Hey we would would love for you to post some of your awsomeness on the so get the typing some time lol your awsome dude 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Christian Hey Jeremy, I'm a huge fan. I also learned how to play misery business for our school's talent show. I don't know how you could come up with such an amazing bass part. I have one quick question though. I was also at the Cleveland show Lauren was talking about and I noticed your bass resembled mine a lot. Could you tell me what kind of bass you play so I can stop wondering if its the same model? 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Lauren Jeremy, I love your short hair! I saw you in Cleveland & ofcourse your fly! It would be a dream to spend a day with you! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Maddie OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Ahaha...sorry, I can be a bit of a stalker. MUSE IS MY SECOND FABOURITE BAND TOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL, I own all their CD's, my favourite being Origin of Symmetry, and my favourite song being Hyper Music...or the Feeling Good cover. My favourite bands/artists are: Paramore (duh Muse PlayRadioPlay! Metric YeahYeahYeahs I don't like all the Beyonce crap people are obbsessed with nowadays...I do my own thing :D 1.0's picture

Submitted By: mikaela dude i love ur pants and ur hair 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Julia omg...biggest fan right here! wait u posted this in December...can u please update? 1.0's picture

Submitted By: ISAAC- ISE Jerm u rock the bass. Huge fan, cant think of any other basist id rather have in a band. But ur info says ur an Aries but ur b-day is 02/8 so that would make u an Aquarious (we share zodiac signs). Im sure you get that a lot!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: lucky(ranger violet) we are power rangerz band!!!!!! we idolize paramore! espicially jeremy davis! hehehe we love you!! hope someday u will have a concert tour at philippines! more power! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Abbie er.... Ya know ur supposed 2 actually say some it... oh well u make up 4 it with ur awesomeness! Rock on dude! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: lalie DUDE u have 2 post more we all love u and ur band 1.0's picture

Submitted By: bella jeremy i love u sooooooooo much! paramore 2 but ur awesome! i have a bunch and i mean alot of pics of u guys in my assingment notebook not kidding i printed so much ......... i got in trouble!Lol my friends + i luv u soo soo soooooooooooo much! keep on makin albums cuz u people r my HEROS all the other bands suck compared 2 u. i mean u write ur songs and they luv u 1.0's picture

Submitted By: lauren hey Jeremy I like just became a fan of you personally! idk why lol i love all of you but i was looking through all the pictures of paramore and u were like awesome lol i love paramore and i am excited 2 see you rock out! love you SO much - lauren 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Libby When r u gonna post again??????? 1.0's picture

Submitted By: James And also your last? 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Robee coolest guy.... ever...! \m/ rock on! p.s. love yah. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Cara Hey jeremy!! I luuv paramore but I luv u the most ofcourse. I'm dying to see y'alls concert so pleeeeaaaasssseee come to new Orleans or anywhere near there.....after I c ur show my life will be completed :-D <3 1.0's picture

Submitted By: fLoOr![= (Mexico) AHH I LOVE YOU! P O S T M O R E D U D E ! ! ! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: jay-r jay-r,15 hi jeremy dont you feel tired when in a gig even when i watch d final riot,,i think if i am you i feel ive lost my back if i do that kind of HEADBANG!!! hahaha!!.. once the headbang is the topic you and taylor york is my idol and thats all more power!!