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Grammy Night!

  • Don't forget the Grammys tonight with Paramore as one of the five nominees for Best New Artist!

    Red carpet coverage begins at 5pm EST on E! and the Grammys themselves are live on CBS at 8pm EST.

    Good luck to the band!!!

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on February 10, 2008 - 9:03am

Don't forget the Grammys tonight with Paramore as one of the five nominees for Best New Artist!

Red carpet coverage begins at 5pm EST on E! and the Grammys themselves are live on CBS at 8pm EST.

Good luck to the band!!!

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Submitted By: Aimee i didn't get to see that 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Jamie they shudve won i mean that drugie won! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Jamie They shud av won i mean amy winehouse paramore have loadz of great songs. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: shaquasha Its sucks that Amy Winehouse won you deserved to win the Grammys I was so upset. Now I hate her.paramore is my paramore, you made me chose me to be a punk rocker. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Mafu Oh Fuck !! LY PARAMORE 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Alana Oh , come on . WHY ? AMY WINEHOUSE IS RETARDED!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: raul best artist nominees! that 1.0's picture

Submitted By: katie again was so upset you didn 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Melika you guys should have won that!!! No fair!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Ester Good luck Paramore, wish you the best !! * Fingers crossed * :) ILY 1.0's picture

Submitted By: stephanie i love your song crush,crush,crush and thats wat you get i listen to them all the time i think you guys should have one that grammy i hope you guys get nominated next year and if do you do i'll be cheering you on :)LOVE YOU:) BYE BYE 1.0's picture

Submitted By: stephanie i love paramore i think that they are the best band ever i love all there songs 1.0's picture

Submitted By: hunny man i was like soooooo sad that u guys didnt win maybe u guys could win next year u know what i hate i hate it win people say they hate amy winehouse and stuff like that i mean shes a really good and talented singer but i still like u guys way more thats all i got to say for now see u in april 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Meg I hate Amy Winehouse. She makes me ashamed to be brittish. You really diserved that guys. Amy Winehouse will probly be in rehab too much to make another record, not that she turns up to her own gigs anyway. you should have won! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: oliver i cant believe you didnt win that sucks so much and amy winehouse WHY!! because she gets more publisity by goin in and out of rehab more times then the people who fricken work there, u guys are real. youve won with us guys and u shoulda been nominated for every rock category u guys rock 1.0's picture

Submitted By: patricia865 i was so upset last night! i can't belevie you guys + haley didnt win! thats not fair! atleast you were able to take a break from the tour and go to the grammys. thats the good side. the bad side is that !!you didnt win!! =( im so sad. dont worry you can always try for next year. you just have to keep making rocking music. i missed the concert in anahiem i was so mad. i couldnt get tickets anyways. so im just watching it from youtube. paramore you did an awsome performance. trust me and all of the people that love you you'll win next year. xxx love ya xxx 1.0's picture

Submitted By: yip Anyway , the only band in best new artist nominees , that 's cool 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Lewis Ah, unlucky guys! I had my fingers crossed for you all but i heard on TV Amy Whatsferface won the Grammy. Im sorry but WHY? She doesnt even sing; she sortve moans into the microphone...Anyway. Best of luck next time and dont let it bother you; you guys RAWK no matter what!!! Cant wait to see you guys in Earls Court (if i can get the ticks). Remember; YOU ARE THE BEST BAND EVER!!! Lewis 1.0's picture

Submitted By: zac robson whos amy winehouse? ive never even heard of her 1.0's picture

Submitted By: cegonzdele hi paramore im from mex scuse my english (if you see this mail) mmmm i like your songs thanks for given us im graphic designer if you need something i love work whit you guys mmm bye take care 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Megster From Nashville, TN: Woody and Jim were calling her Amy 'Winebox'. I thought it was a little mean to make fun of someone who's having problems with alcohol and whatnot, but I couldn't but laugh a little bit. You guys deserved that Grammy! Even though you didn't win, I was stoked you guys got the nomination. You made yourselves known. Major congratulations to ALL of you. All frikkin four of you (and Taylor, haha)!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Sami Paramore should of won cause they are WAY Better than amy winehouse she sucks! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Jordyn i thought you totally deserved best new artist!! yeah, amy winehouse is ok BUT you guys are way better! you are awesome role models and you have an energy that can't be stopped!! i was pretty bummed when you didn't get the grammy, but just seeing you guys there and how far you've come was way cool! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Jann well, i saw ure interview wif E's sal!!!!... hayley , u looked great and red... but anyway , next year will be a better one 4 sure cheers... 1.0's picture

Submitted By: jade it was totally cool seeing you guys at the Grammys yesterday. even though you didn't win you still got nominated. nice hair :) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Vika You should have it. I can't believe, you don't. This is commercial.... 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Richard Myers Amy Winehouse O_O AMY BLOODY WINEHOUSE O______________o You guys definitely should have got best new artist, seriously good music & as a band you've got a lot of charisma. Wish I could have got tickets to on of the UK dates, oh well, will definitely come to a gig or two next time! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Olivia Loves Paramore :) hey :] you guys + Hayley should have won the best new artist at the Grammys :| i'm soo pissed your well better than amy winehouse.Ohh well next time you will win fer sure ;)ohhmiigawsh HAYLEY WILLIAMS YOU LOOKED FREAKIN' GORGEOUS! =D YOUR HAIR LOOKED AHMAiiZiN =] your were deffo the prettiest girl there on the night! :) well anywayss hope you had a great night =P I was up until half one watching the grammys coz i am from scotland it was on reall late and i'm soo freakin tired but it was worth it to see you guys he best and in the whole wide world! see you in Glasgoww Yeahh Babey LOL xx writeback to me.. i would soo die :D 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Leigh Salazar I'm so sorry that ya'll didn't win. Amy Winehouse didn't deserve it as much as ya'll did. I'm so happy that you were nominated, you deserve to get major kudos after all of the work that ya'll have done over the last few years! Best of luck next year, and hopefully you can perform then too! Love ya'll! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Lulu Hi Paramore (and all fans, scuse my english, I'm from France). When I heard and saw you for the first time in YouTube I was surprised that in France you are "unknow" because you are so good! I became a fan and I my sister too when I showed her. All this to say that whithout this Grammi award, you still good, and we, fans, are here behind you.