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Greatest Women In Music

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on February 16, 2012 - 5:14pm

Congratulations to Hayley Williams for being named one of VH1's Greatest Women In Music!


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Congrats Hayley! You truly are the greatest women in music.
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she deserves it! hayley, you're the one! keep up :)
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WOOOO, GO HAYLEY! SHE TOTALLY DESERVES THIS! Oh, and I'm so glad that M.I.A is there too! :)
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HAYLEY YOU'RE AMAZING (: pleasepleasepleaseplease come to toronto, Im a huuuuge fan, i know all the lyrics to every one of your songs, even some unreleased ones :3
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she deserves it so much! she's so incredibly talented i makes me want to follow my dream!!
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congratulations hayley .. youve always been the top 1 .. I LOVE YOU PARAMORE ;D
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She was ranked high enough i don't think. I know her career is in the earlier stages but her voice is unique and astronomical. In about 10 years from now, they will change their ranking and put her where she really belongs. In the top 10!!!! just my opinion.
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hayley's cool & awesome, shes a great artist, so deserving! :) keep it up hayles!!
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congrads!!!!!!!! u deserted it!!!
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About Time!!!!
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i just recovered from meningitis, i feel really grotty
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congrads hayley! ;D
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check out my profile pic! like?
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Monster is a must have
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yeah \m/
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yeah \m/
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I'm so glad about it , she deserves it !
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if anyone desrves it she does! great job Hayley!
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has neither a say well deserved hay xD
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She's amazing ?
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yeah!!!!! we all know that well to change topic... Hayley when r we going to be able to buy your new songs on itunes? like i really need to buy it and a video ? use the video filmed @ FBR!!!!!!!!!
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Hayley should be 1st, still pretty awesome!
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how the hell did Ke$ha beat hayley? Ke$ha has had only 2 listenable songs! hayley should atleast be in the top 10!! i think the results are B.S.!!
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I miss you Paramore!! :S
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yeah she deserves it!
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Woop go Hayley! A well deserved honour :)
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She deserves (to be aliiiiive) ^^ Congratulations XD