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This is how I feel about this South American tour.

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on February 21, 2011 - 1:17pm


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like how she loves her dad enough to mention him twice xD
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I totally fell for her! She's sooooo cute!... LOL
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Ha ha Aww!!
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omg, Taylor love you .
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AHHHHH OMG ive posted this on fb so many times and when i saw that tay posted it i just about died ahahahahah love him s much :)
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so cute! lol!
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"I like my hair! I like my haircuts!" Cutest thing I've ever seen.
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Hhaha!!! I had to watch it. Again!! It's just too cute!
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lmfao xD hahahahahahaahaha I can't stop laughing :D OMG i love it ;) hahahahahaaha
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lol xD I loved the show of paramore in Buenos Aires ? I hope that you come back again! I feel like you too, in your show!!!
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hahahaha xD she has the hair like u!!
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i LIKE!!!!
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haha taylor is so hilarious i'm seriously getting tired of all the spam
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haha the little girl is awesome:D
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I feel like this after your show in Chile! I love you guys and when I saw you in the airport was freakin awesome Thank u so much guys for coming to this part of the earth! :3
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hahahahaha. omg that was hilarious
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And THIS Taylor, is why we love you. You are just too awesome. Thankyou for posting this. xD Have an AWESOME time on the tour Tay! :3
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Hey, I was wondering if you can help me out? My life long friend, who is unfortunately 3,000 miles away from me is finally seeing paramore in the South American tour. This company is able to have a meet and greet with them, and she's away from the 1st place winner. It's been her life long dream to meet them, and of course the one and only Hayley and I was thinking if maybe you can help me out by posting that link around? It'll be an amazing experience for her, and it'll make me very happy. We Paramore fans got to stick together, like a family! Much love, and thank you so much for your help.
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Haha, that's an amazing vid, and that little girl is AMAZING =D good luck on tour, Tay Tay! p.s. why are there so many spam comments on this post? pisses me off. i hope it's someone cracking up profiles, not people on the community going stupid......
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Sooooooo happy you feel this way, love you Taylor!
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Please click on "Bravazo" and vote for my video :) thanks
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I've been in Luna Park, Argentina yesterday. It was amazing!!!!!! I danced and sang the hole concert! I woun't forget this ever! I loved it and now I LOVE PARAMORE MUCH MUCH MORE THAN BEFORE!!!! Come back to Argentina please!!!!!
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hahaha ok, so ur excited! xD wait to come to Peru!!! its on monday!!! or well I don't know when u are comming here i think sunday or saturday night right?? =) enjoy in every show GbU
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heuheuehueh! The Deleted Scene:
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Heeheuh! I hope that this means that you like the South American Tour ? Did you see me? In Brasilia! Heuh. I'm SO happy, and I couldn't go, but I had the best day in my life - 16/02. I went to the hotel that you've been, but I didn't see you :(
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hahahahahahahah this SO made my facebook page(:
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haha.. looked strange then i played it.... heheee