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Kelly Clarkson covers 'The Only Exception'

fueledbyadam's picture
on March 13, 2012 - 11:50am

Here's a cool video of Kelly Clarkson covering 'The Only Exception' a couple nights ago:


Gabriela_duh's picture

we're talking about miss kelly people! She is amazing!
BriannaF's picture

why does it have to be compared to hayley's? it was a good cover. can't it be left at that?
Nisia's picture

Nice cover, but the original is the best. ;D
becauseyourreallifeistragic's picture

not bad.. but you can't beat the original (;
maiitheeciitha's picture

lindo cover...pero como hayley ninguna :D
LiHW's picture

was cool, but nothing compares to Hayley
Taylor Stephens's picture

Pretty good, but once you hear the original nothing beats Hayleys version.
MirnaParamore's picture

Not bad but original song is much better.
XsiDC.Yelyah34's picture

Love this cover :))
SaraLuys's picture

Hayley is the best, Paramore rocks.. but great cover anyway! :)
ValentinaDiazSB's picture

That Was Amazing! ? Kelly is a great Singer!
Mini Pant's picture

she is one of the most talented singers out there
BrockOnBass's picture

Check out my bands cover :) :)
CamiParawhore's picture

very nice!
GiovannaOaken's picture

Niceeee cover !
Rizky Setiawan's picture

you are the only exception :)
moreparamore3's picture

The covers are never as good as the original but it's still pretty good :)
1HayleyWilliamsFan's picture

amazing *o*
Yasmine101's picture

Its way to rushed... Nothing near as good as Hayley's beautiful voice.
kmarie170's picture

I think it was a great cover. Kelly Clarkson is amazing:)
mol796's picture

not as good as paramore :) but good.
secretus aderator's picture

good job...but the original is better :P but hey some guys are singing with her :D
JerissonH's picture

No one is like Paramore... oh, and, I hate these freaking SPAMMERS!!
cheesedOOdle.'s picture

i respect this version. its more rushed but her voice makes it work. id love to hear carrie underwood sing this as well. id also really love to see paramore play it live sometime in the near future.
Para_Scot's picture

Definitely not as good as Hayley! And also, I FRIGGIN HATE SPAMMERS!!!!
para-i-want-more's picture

Not as good as Hayley but good job Kelly
Hayley Pattinson's picture

I love Kelly Clarkson! But Hayley is much better, deal with it.
nepheli_eva's picture

WOW cool hahaha prefer hayley but she cool
Vania Ariella Detrisa's picture

hayley's voice is sooooooo much better, i guess.
this_heart_beats's picture