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Listen to 'Now' on!

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on January 21, 2013 - 11:28pm

The new single 'Now' is streaming here on - click HERE to listen to it now and preorder your copy of the album out April 9th.


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I absalutely love this bad, I really do and I love their music. But I do have to say that this song just didnt do it for me. I was kinda sad because this isnt the Paramore that I know. The "Pressure" Paramore. The just say "YES I LOVE IT" Paramore. But just because I don't necessarily love this song doesnt mean I don't love the band still. And I do. I just hope their album is a little bit better than "Now", like "dance around and yell out the song like a crazy person" album. But I still love you!
ambernj21's picture

Wish today was friday/payday so I can preorder it already!
Emmi McDonnell's picture

its paramore but a new paramore i love it , it really feels truley like its them from the heart that probably sounds mean but its not ment to promise xxxx
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At first it was a shock..because it's something new from Paramore..but when you listen to it a few times you can really feel Paramore in this song.I fell in love with it..! Love you guys <3 keep taking care of business ;) <3 see you in June at Novarock!
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Cool SONG !!! Love it <3<3
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i want to hear another songs in new albums. any one have a link? share me please :)
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when I listen to "NOW" I think this song is different from the previous songs but still cool
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wow what a song!!i didn't think it's paramore when i first heard it,great intro,it's totally different song..GREAT!!
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It was nice, the fisrt time was like "omg my ears!" is like a bum! in you head, then u get used to it, an then! u love it. The lyrics make sense and everything is in their place and it's beatiful, pretty amaizing and unique. Everyone says that is like a copy of not doubt, for me, is u (the tree of you) getting older and wiser. I really enjoy everyone of you songs. I will be expecting the album, Thanks for all.
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When will the video for 'Now' be available on iTunes???...I want to get it!!! ;)
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I like it a lot ! today i make me a tatu! your tatu! im so exited)? sorry i dont know english very much, i love you! :) come back to Argentina! <3
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paramore rules!! I love NOW!! |m|
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i really cant wait for april >.<
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ya, it's not that I don't like this song it just really takes you by surprise right from the get go and just starts off with an instant BANG and it's hard to take it in right away. Listening to it over and over again helps me fall in love with this song more though. It doesn't sound like Hayley in the beginning nor do the instruments sound like Paramore, but once you get into the song more you start to hear the band that you fell in love with years ago but you also feel the growth to their music and I am LOVING all of it :-D's picture

Lost the battle win the war - fav part <3's picture

Wow. Where did my voice go? I can't find it anywhere in my body nor mind.... Speechless.... THIS IS STRENGTH
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This is honestly much more than i ever expected. some people, aren't fond of the "Na-a-a-a-a-o-o-ows" But seriously... that may be my favorite part. The fact that they can expand their horizons yet retain the PARAMORE sound is awesome. STRONG single. love it.
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Today Paramore was reborn. And I think its gone from an awesome band, to an epic band ;) I didn't know what to expect, this surely wasn't it. You guys are amazing!
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it's awesome i love it, i think this is like the 19th or 20th time i've clicked repeat!! and i can't wait to hear the new album, im so excited :D :D paramore are amazing!!
Caramel's picture

Love you guys more and more!
you ain&#039;t woman enough's picture

ok. first, i' m like what... but then... listenned to it 68882636332263zillions times and i' m not far from crying! to every single person who does not like it: good for you. but don't say it here, respect the band and just admire that they just stood up after everything that happened to them. paramore, thank you for that amazing song and keep everything up! love love you guys.....
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Fans have every right to say why they don’t like a song here. Being respectful of the band means thinking about your comments and choosing what you say wisely; which is what everyone who doesn’t like the song so far has done here. If you’re passionate about a band you follow you don’t have to roll over and play dead when you feel they’ve made a misstep.
you ain&#039;t woman enough's picture

Well I don't think we read the same comments then. For my part, I have seen some «this album is the worse they ever did» but how can people know, we heard one tiny single song on SEVENTEEN! Sometimes you have to think twice because you really can hurt people. and a band is, ahead of everything, people.
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The comments here on paramore dot net have all been fair in their criticism.
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First second was like; fmejfbhmebFBHLMRVFBGZERMitssogoodfbemhbfg <3
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love this song its fabulous i tuned in to radio 1 especially to hear it its stiil fabulous and gets better the more i listen 2 it yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy hurry the hell up april PLEASE xxxxxx
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Oh my gosh. I'm in love. April, please get here faster! <333 It bothers me that other Paramore "fans" don't like this song and are hating on it. Yeah you're definitely a "true" fan.
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Being a "true" fan does not mean you have to roll over and love every single song Paramore does. I for one like the song but have heard nothing but good reasons, not hating, from those who don’t.
tom222's picture

Amazing song!!!I can´t wait on april....thank you <3
para-i-want-more's picture

I love it so much! it made taking my midterms today okay because I got to experience this song, finally. Thank you Paramore for making life worth living, honestly!