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  • This band has inspired me in so many ways. Since I was about 13 years old, I’ve only seen them 2 times… back home in Nashville, and once at CBGB’s with Blindside. Their 1st record “A->B:Life” changed my world. But the song in this video is from their 2nd album “Catch For Us The Foxes”.

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on February 26, 2011 - 2:20pm

This band has inspired me in so many ways. Since I was about 13 years old, I’ve only seen them 2 times… back home in Nashville, and once at CBGB’s with Blindside. Their 1st record “A->B:Life” changed my world. But the song in this video is from their 2nd album “Catch For Us The Foxes”.


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I started listening to this band just a few weeks ago,and they are amazing.Great song. ;)
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What up Paramore, I've never written on a blog but i feel like have to with what im feeling. I'm going through some heavy shit right now, facing prison time and withdrawl's but your words are like a healing salve on a nasty wound you know. You keep me going right now and I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for what you do and what you believe cause your keeping me going. And I know you prolly here this all the time but thank you.
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woo now I know why so hayley dancing in shows hhahahha
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Cute song xD
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Wow! thats cool and what makes it even more cool Is Hayley thought enouph of it to post it thats rocks! I started listening to Paramore when I first heard Ignorance, I had just went through a breakup from an 8 year relationship and when i heard that song it all made since as to why we broke up, Made getting over her so much more bearable, we grew into diffrent people wanting and needing diffrent things and thanks to that song I could see it and move on. Now Im so into paramore and Hayley she is postered all over my room and my drum room paramore rocks. Hayley has to be the most beautiful woman in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Lee
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AW MAN!! That is awesome right there! I remember when I first heard Me Without You! The first song I ever heard from them way January 1979! Loved'm ever since!
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So stoked that you posted this..
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hayley..........i'm FAN from indonesia.....i fan you,,,,,,,,,,and i like you style
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My brother was at this show!!
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Sorry for double post.. forgot something.. stop spamming channels with your stupid selling posts. here are some people they like to talk about music. damnit!
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Only registered here for this post. Sorry...but..are you sure that its the right video? ^^ Nice to see that bands like this can inspire people with songs like this. But hey..the performance is really nice. I love bandmembers that know how they can look more than crazy. greetings, flo
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Sorry, but I believe this is a website for loving the geniuses behind Paramore. Not for spamming. It's really annoying. But anyway, you guys are MY inspiration. You got me into music back in '05 and I seriously don;t know what I would do without you guys. Keep rocking and making good, honest music.
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hayley you are my idol, you inspired me to do alot of stuff. i look up to you, when i grow up i wish i could be igsactly like you, but i cant your so awesome. and i love paramore 4 ever and always!
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never ending a honor for paramore band... never give up, keep moving forward.
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Hey Hayley I love you because you are so awesome and I also love the memebers in the band and will always do. Thanks for making good music. Maybe I am going to start a band because YOU inspired me do that. Good luck with everything and I hope that paramore soon will come to Sweden.
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hey Hayley lol im pretty low on on self confidence so you and your ban d have inspired me in so many ways so im gratefull to you all but the thing is most people arent exactyly friendly :P and my parents are shit strict so starting a band breaking out of shell is kinda hard so thankyou :) xD xD xD
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Hayley, thanks for getting me into this band a couple years ago.. their lyrics are so amazing and now they're one of my favourite bands. :D
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Hi Hayley ! Can you say to me how can i write a song If I ask to you i'ts because your are very gifted for that :) How do you write your thought, your feelings with the right words ? I hope you will answer to me good luck for the long time of Paramore
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cool songg
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I LOVE Hayley my girlfriend thinks you ugly (Hayley) But my mate sophie and i think you are not ugly i wanna see Paramore sooooooooo bad
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I love that band since like 2 years ago. and i thought they were amazing
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mewithoutYou is one of my very favorite bands too. Their first album is my favorite but they're all pure genius. I got to see them this past summer in memphis and it was one of the the most amazing concert experience of my life.
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ummm sorry hayley but... that is not singing, thats screaming?!?!?!! at least you can actually sing!! xxxxxxxxxx
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It is cool ! :)
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I just checked out Brother Sister last week very cool CD. The Singers voice reminds me of Jeremy Enigk wasn’t surprised to see him thank Jeremy on the CD notes.
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the soviet is the best one :)
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I remember being at an earlier show when they played this song before Catch For us the Foxes had been released (I think). This brings me back to that, awesome. Haven't been following them much these days, didn't realize they were still kicking.
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If you like Magic: The Gathering check out this amazing link!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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mwY ?