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MONUMENTOUR Merch Fashion Show

Paramore's picture
on June 23, 2014 - 12:25pm

Watch the MONUMENTOUR merch fashion show from backstage at the first date of the summer tour and pick up all these items (and more) at the Paramore merch booth this summer - click HERE for dates!


minje_b's picture

I really want to go Monumentour, but sadly I live in Korea. But I really want to have those merch!!
Rayannaanderson's picture

I want the jacket so bad but they didn't have it in darien lake! I'm going to both PA shows hopefully to get one then :(
anirbasscarpa's picture

What do we do if certain items are sold out at a show? The Beach Towel and Photobook were sold out in Homdel, NJ and I really wanted to purchase them.
ErikaFernandaParedes's picture

I really like that jacket and very well these models. I am happy with I see in the blog, is interesting and I love summer fashion, because is my favorite season. Thanks for letting me know that you are the best. (n_n) I ♥ paramore
Zweeleleelelee's picture

Lmao "Taylor, Taylor it's my turn" - Hayley
♥LeeL♥'s picture

Love it!! and crying because i can't see you on Monumentour.
Bands_My_Love's picture

Love the merch so much.... I wanna go see you guys in Austin ,Tx so baaaaad... :( Can't go cause of money probs.... #summertimesadness ;-;
Mlove15's picture

Love all of the merch!! I will be buying some but is Taylor also for sale? Cause I want him!!
BradJackley's picture

Does anyone know how i can get my hands on a code for the grow up tank? Please and thank you =)
musicloverX36's picture

Dude, I love the jacket Jeremy is modeling
smma25's picture

Taylors face I'm dying
Fernanda Brum's picture

" and there's Hayley, so sexy " - Hayley Williams