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More Photos from Los Angeles

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on February 12, 2012 - 7:24pm

from one of the producer meetings:


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Have a crush in jeremy davis he is a fine man
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i love her shoes!! super!!
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Wanna have tha' kid of shoes! :))
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It looks like you all are wearing the same shoes!!
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I noticed almost everyone said something about her shoes.... I love her pants!
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nice shoes!:O but common guys give us some new music or more uk tours! we need you guys!:D
jj_16's picture

i love your pants!!! so cute
MuscleRidgePL's picture

so sweet!
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awesome shoes! haha thanks for keeping us updated paramore:D
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cool shoes LMFAO so whens the 4th album out?
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Amazing shoes!
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this shoes are cooool
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they're all wearing the same shoes? hhaha you rock guys
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I love Taylor and your shoes!
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nice!! duuuuude!! I reallty like these pictures and when i first saw hayley's one (the bottom one) i waaass liiike whoaa trippy!! lol;D
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taylors like "get that away from me" hahha and jeremys "be ready to run dude"
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awwwwh! taylor is so adorable!
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stay away from taylor!
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Haha Taylor
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Taylor....the floor isn't gonna eat you buddy. It's a nice floor :)
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Taylor....the floor isn't gonna eat you buddy. It's a nice floor :)
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Love her Dr. Martens! I have a pair in the same color, but mines had roses on the sides! XD
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:D :D :D :D
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sikk shoes hayley xD
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Wow.. Taylor came back to life again!.. xD Lo pics but.. I don't know why, but I feel like I've seen the 1st photo before.. what does the rest of the world think?
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