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MTV Musical March Madness Round 2!

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on March 20, 2012 - 5:59pm

Thanks to your votes, Paramore made it to the second round of MTV's Musical March Madness. Click HERE to vote and help them make it past Ke$ha to round 3!


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EVERYONE, please vote as much as possible (yes, it DOES count!!) for Paramore against 30 seconds to mars because we are on the LOSING side right now. Here's the link. Share it!!!
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Paramore's count is decreasing by .01 every couple seconds. Come on guys lets win this for Paramore! (((o(*???*)o)))
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new round guys!!! great job in defeating ke$ha but i think 30 seconds to mars wil be harder!! i already voted till i was blocked so go vote now!!!! lets win!!!!
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We only have 2 days for this round!! so vote!!!! the next round voting starts the 28th!!!
drylrocks's picture

When will Paramore gonna have another Philippine concert? :)
Oh_star's picture

Take that Ke$ha and all other fan bases that were trying to eliminate us early!!! We still managed to pull out the WIN! Ha! Whooooo!!!! Great job guys ;)
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Vote! I just voted 50 times for Paramore, eight hours ago I voted 50 times. I actuallh say the % increase after both sessions. Keep going, Kesha fans are tough!
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LAVÉRITÉSECACHE is right, they are all ganging up on us parawhores! All the bands that have a big lead are voting for Kesha to keep from facing Paramore! When you vote, vote at least 50 times before you quit. Thanks
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@Lavéritésecache I loved your comment, because it's so true and actually really explains to me why we are so close to losing to the idiotic Ke$ha... Haha. I couldn't figure it out earlier. By the way, if you see this (...which you may not, unless it tags you but I don't think it will...) sorry I dropped our conversation.... Like you said, I thought it was pretty wrapped up :)
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Vote! :D
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Paramore is currently in the lead!!! WOOO!!! VOTE PARAMOOORRREEE!! C:
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blueink's picture

vote :) we can win
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We need to win!! I mean, I like ke$ha, but it's PARAMORE GUYS, PARAMORE, the best band ever! Let's do this
AliceParamoreFan's picture

guys vote for paramore we gonna loose
Charlie_14's picture

please!! keep voting!! looks like we loose it(((
eromarapfever's picture

wooooh parafamily keep on voting.. ke$ha is catching up
the dreamer's picture

we're dropping fast! lets vote! i can't do this on my own

go! paramore but its mtv so who cares what happens they don't know what music is hell they don't even have music on mtv anymore its nothing but jersey shore and 16 an pregnant. lol
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We are not at the but we already won!
Gianna S.'s picture

paramore and kesha are way to close we need to vote people!!!
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VOTE, FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD. VOTE!!! every time that I've voted in the last 5 minutes the percentage has went up for Kesha by 0.1% every time....... not good!VOTE!
Françuar Rodrigues's picture

votando muito!!
Chloe Pace's picture

cum on guys vote PARAMORE
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votando loucamente
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para-i-want-more's picture

Paramore has to win, if they don't I will lose my faith in teens today
DefEcho's picture

kesha's vote% is starting to increase, very nerve racking... not liking the fact that half the population of North and South America doesn't know good music when they hear it.
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Paramore v.s. a freak who wears to little clothes. Hmmmmmmmmmm......... I think we know who is going to win. PARAMORE!!!