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Musink Festival

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on March 5, 2012 - 8:37am

Went to the MusInk fest last night in Orange County and met this lovely lady… with a sick Paramore tattoo! A P-more ticket stub on her left forearm! I secretly want the same tattoo but that might be weird, I think.

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O ok then
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Hey Hayley, would you be able to upload a picture of your signature, and sign it saying to paige from hayley williams :) please
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I was there :/ :/ :/
dudeferrsherr's picture

Best day of my lifeee !
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dudeferrsherr's picture

i hope she gets my tatttoo!!!! thats me!!!
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Amazing Tattoo *---* And Amazing Pic :D
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this tattoo is awesome and i don't think it would be weird if you got the same tattoo
dudeferrsherr's picture

Oh and also if she got my tattoo!! And mentioned where she got it from ashley paquin hehe I would fall over and die lmao!!
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It would be really sick if i got vip tickets for me and my best friend since were upsest and since im the girl with the paramore ticket stub tattoo thats me!!!!!!! So yeh thats another dream tho the biggest one already happend cuz i meant paramore!!! Still can beleive it im so happy they finally noticed my tat thnks for loving it again guys :) maby ubsee u again oneee dayy shit thats another big dream lol everyone shld check my pics out on here amd my fb names ashley paquin :) and my twitter @dudeferrsherr and tumblr @ dudeferrsherr
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Naw, it wouldnt be weird to have the same tat on your arm, haley. I know alot of people who have the same tattoos.
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ps. is anyone aware of kony2012 and if you are not u should watch my link
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dear hayley i dont mean to bug i know ive hit u up on twitter and here but just wanted to make shure you rember me hehe the girl with the paramore ticket stub tattoo ashley paquin by the way =] you would make my life if you got the same tattoo as me i know thats alot to ask something to permanent but it would be bad ass just sayinn!! and one more favorrr would be awesome if you followed me on twitter=] and tumbler @dudeferrsherr
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I died cant beleive i met them and finally saw my tat made my life
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Pretty bad ass ;)
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Perfect, Loved this picture, and this tatoo is very cool *-* BRASIL LOVES PARAMORE ?
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i was pretty drunk wish i wasent lol
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Beautiful *-*
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love her face! also that is a really awesome tattoo
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Also have a tumbler to dudeferrsherr
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Oh yeh also just so everyone knows and haylee if she reads this or whoever i didntbget the chance to tell u because i was wasted lol but i got that from a real ticket that was my very first concert in vegas at the hardrock and ur my number one fav band so yeh wanted to tell u that and u guys made my lfe once again hope i get a chance like this again :)
dudeferrsherr's picture

I would die if she got the same tat as me she would make my life my names ashley paquin by the wayim the one in the pic with the bad ass tattoo:) guys shld check my tattoo out up close on fb in my "own it " album ot twitter because my names ashley@dudeferrsherr
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hahaha es genial el tatuaje
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Oh yeah, want to have a tatto about paramore L Love this guys
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Hi Hayley, on 1st April is the birthday of my girlfriend and I love to make her a great gift. It's a big fan of you, and she was at your concert in Spain on July 11. Could you wish her a happy birthday? With video, audio, note or whatever. Her name is Jessi and she's gonna be 20 years old. Thank you very much from Spain! And sorry for my english! Hahaha xxx ---> twitter: alicovalero
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love it!
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go for it Hayley, amazing tattoo want one too ;)