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New Album Out Today!

  • April 9th is finally here and Paramore is now available! Click HERE to download the new album on iTunes and leave a review for it.

    You can also listen to Paramore and two exclusive bonus tracks HERE on Rdio for free.

    Or you can order the album as a limited-edition box set, on 2-disc vinyl or on CD HERE in The Paramore Webstore.

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on April 9, 2013 - 10:57am

April 9th is finally here and Paramore is now available! Click HERE to download the new album on iTunes and leave a review for it.

You can also listen to Paramore and two exclusive bonus tracks HERE on Rdio for free.

Or you can order the album as a limited-edition box set, on 2-disc vinyl or on CD HERE in The Paramore Webstore.


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< best band ever! >
CindyLladoHechanova's picture

you guys should have a concert here...
SeirahComiaPalustre's picture

love you so much PARAMORE.. <3
JoanaMarieCañedoLorete's picture

you guys may have changed the sound, but haven't altered the sound that can be indistinguishable. The soul of the Album is still paramore. the lyrics were at heart. with this new album. It is driven on lyrics and theme beyond the sound of the synthesizers. The theme itself of the album is "moving on" and you have done very well. :)
GhoLdCasimiro's picture

I Love Paramore \m/ Rock On !!!
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Just amazing, loved you guys for years and have never failed to keep me entertained. Absolutely love the "Now" video clip, amazing doesn't cover it! Keep pressing on :)
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I LOVE PARAMORE's NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!! It's so unique! But that's just another reason Paramore is my favorite band! :D KEEP IT UP GUYS!
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I only downloaded the song Now but now I wish I brought the album! :(
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Okay, I want you guys to be aware--not sure how you partnered up with Rdio, but they suck. I set up an account so I could purchase your two exclusive tracks. I paid for the tracks, but they are nowhere to be found. You have to have their app to access the music you purchase through them, but their app didn't work on my MacBook, so I downloaded it to my iPhone, and my music is not there. I've sent emails to their help desk, but I wanted you to be aware of the issue for the sake of your fans.
Bartman2001's picture

Go to grooveshark dot com (you have to search them) and you can hear them for free (yes the site is legal). I love the bonus tracks btw!
Elaine_7's picture

Is there not a way to PURCHASE the two exclusive tracks???
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I have "Paramore" in my hands!! is the best, i love "Paramore"
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regarding my comment below, to anybody i've offended I do apologize its just me & my friends criticism on it & some of my band friends as well..(might be because we were more attuned to what their style used to be compared to what they tried to venture now)...change is good i will completely agree w/ it...just would like to reiterate if i've offended anybody in here i would like to give my deepest apologies
Bartman2001's picture

No appologies needed as a matter of fact never apologize for stating your opinion. You didn't personally attact any one here or the band so if anyone's offended too bad. A lot of people here think the album is "perfection", which is fine, but if they can't deal with the fact some peoples opinion differs from theirs they are the ones who need to grow up. Your dissapointment with the album should NOT damper their enjoyment of it; if it does then once again to explenative deleted bad! I happen to agree with you that Zac and especially Josh seemed very much responsible for BNE more raw sound of course Taylor might be sitting on a gold mine of killer riffs that got passed over for dancy-poppy.
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This might end up being my favorite Paramore album. I love it so much. Yes, the music on this album is completely different from what we've heard before, but that's what's so great about it. Yes, the pop element is definitely there, but since when did pop music become synonymous to bad music? Still Into You IS a pop song, but in my opinion, it's still a great song nonetheless. I love that Paramore is experimenting. Don't disregard this amazing album just because it's different.
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It's so frustrating for me to keep seeing people say that Paramore has lost their sound or has surrendered to the Pop world or have become commercialized. I'm not sure about you, but I still hear Hayley's passion and brutal honesty in every lyric she sings and I still feel Jeremy and Taylor's chords pour into me with their instruments. They've evolutionized. They've stepped into foreign territory. They took a risk. They did something no one else in their genre does. THAT'S why we love them. THAT's why they inspire us. THAT'S why we are fans. I still get the same feeling I always did from them. In fact, I think musically and lyrically this is the best album they have ever given us. Lyrically I feel so proud of Hayley for talking about things she never has, and for being in a point of her life where she can do so. Musically, I have never heard more creativity and edge to any of their music. Is there a pop root in there? Partly, yes. But that's great. Who doesn't want to see them standing up there dancing their asses off and singing about what an incredible place theyre in in their lives. Is it their most commercial album? Hell yes! And GOOD FOR THEM! This album is going to DEFINE them. They NEEDED this. They DESERVE this. This will create a fan base they haven't had yet, one that will then go out and discover their past music, opening doors for the pop/punk world even more. Zac and Josh's absence is not even noticed. Zac was a funny, cute guy who was a killer drummer, but did he contribute much else than that? Easily replaced. Josh had no personality and only brought tension and heart ache to their creative process. Easily replaced. This will be their big break and I'm so proud I have been with them from the start so I can watch it all happen. LEGENDARY will come to follow their names, I can feel it.
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it's simply amazing, YOU are amazing!!!!!
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This album is sooo awesome, its stuck on repeat! xD Parmaore Forever!
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asdfghjkl I loove it, it's perfect *-*
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ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Rdio is currently not available in your country" Imma go up there and smack someone right in the face with a shovel, I swear!!!!!!!!! :/ -.-
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Has anyone else pre ordered the box set?
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already listened to the album multiple times...just my own personal comment not against nobody, its lost what paramore really is w/c is mostly a punk rock band now its POPin( far my favorite on it is part 2 its so far the only punk rock besides now that grew on me others are too mellow w/c is unparamore like, part 2 reminds me of the song let the flames begin it begins slow then moves to a fast punk rock pace), its a little bit of a disappointment on my end & my friends as well; compared to all we know is falling til brand new eyes it has more punk rock tracks on it... sad..guess i/we were just expecting too much (i'm guessin josh and zac contributed to a majority of the punkish rock style i & my friends got to love from the previous albums), still congrats on your new album paramore more power to you....
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OMG¡ Both waited for this day 09-04-13
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Growing, growing this album is growing on me.
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Really enjoying the album! My favourite tracks change every time I listen to it.
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Currently No. 1 album on iTunes. The supermajority of review's I've read have been very positive. Rightfully so. The album is a fabulous and unabashed mix of rock, punk and pop.
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Wish I had my bundle...preordered the most expensive and it's still not here. GRR. Frustration. :( I just want to rock out to Paramore. Is that too much to ask?