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New Hoodie At Hot Topic!

Paramore's picture
on September 5, 2012 - 11:38am

Pick up the new 'Teal Bars'Zip Hoodie exclusively on Order now HERE!


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Kitty Abidin's picture

It's so awesomee <3<3 cool !!!
xXOckweirddxx's picture

You know what's sad? It's not in the Hot Topic near where I live. fml. They don't have anything Paramore related. All I bought is freaking black and white jeans like Hayley, Asking Alexandria, All Time Low, and Never Shout Never shirts. Gosh, I'm so mad ._.
GenKerr's picture

why can't i get this from the Australian shipping? I love this.
OriTeran's picture

This is perfection made real.
xRainbows's picture

I'm begging my mom to get me this hoodie! it is so awesome:D
valadouladrakaki's picture

It's AWESOME! I don't think I can order it from Greece :(
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Galle Thorn's picture

It's so gorgeous!!!
LovesickMelody_3's picture

It's beautiful, wish i could order it from germany ...