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New T-Shirt Available at Hot Topic!

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on September 13, 2012 - 10:13am

The 'Cross Heart' T-Shirt is available now in Hot Topic stores and on Order online HERE!


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I badly wanna have this.
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ANYONE IN THE UK Hey, i recently got a pack of Paramore stuff with the singles club vinyls, i got a denim jacket with it that's too big for me but i can't return it as I'd have to return the full pack, and i want to keep the vinyls and T-shirt. Its a denim jacket with black material sleeves and black hood and 3 bars patch on the back. (it's called "BLACK PATCH DENIM HOODIE" if you want to see pictures of it in the Paramore web store. I've never worn it outside the house but I have washed it once, I'm selling it because it's a large, and I probably need a medium or small. I think it might be advertised as womens but it could pass for unisex. It's worth $65 (not sure what that is in £'s) but willing to negotiate a price or trade it for something if anyone's interested please email
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Dear Paramore, can you come to sweden? Please?:)
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i super like this.
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Is there a shirt for the guys?
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please come to Macedonia I love you hayley <3:)
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i love you hayley:)
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Please come to Calgary.
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its beautiful
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i need it! soo legit
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HEHEH. I have this shirt! <3
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:( too bad..there's no Paramore store here in the Philippines..:( I want all of your shirts so badly..
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You don't have Hottopic? Even if you don't have Hottopic you can order it online.
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i don't want this, I NEED this! </3
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I already have it! <3
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whoa! That's so cool! I want that. ^__^
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i love it!!
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Amo a Hayley c:
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i want one now
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PARAMORE!! I want oneeeeeeeee!:D
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I want it ! ♥