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'Now' Cover Artwork

fueledbyadam's picture
on January 14, 2013 - 11:42am

Here's the cover artwork for 'Now' - available January 22nd here on


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zackkkfair's picture

now is amazing^^
Amy_Zd's picture

I'm excited two days for "Now"
alternativemusiclover's picture

lol im new to the website and this was the first comment thread i found--also very excited for 'Now' really hope they have a concert here soon im dying to see them live!
Kevin Guzman's picture

cant wait to hear this! >.<
JEE-paramore's picture

i wish the 22nd would hurry up!! :D
briellasga's picture

such simple and beautiful... if there's a future, we want it NOW!
Henrique Fragoso's picture

Somebody knows when Paramore comes to Brazil....
pattomore's picture

iodajfljflajfldfdf 5 more days!!! <3
ParamoretheMachine's picture

I just found out that Now's going to have its own music video! I am so excited fdsjhfjdkshfajhasdhffjdhsjh!
ValeCF's picture

We want "Now" now!!! :')
iven's picture

amazing !!
bloodflowerz_2's picture

Fantastic artwork!
LEDZ's picture

I realize you all have probably herd this a lot but Is paramore performing at warped tour this year. Also I realize this wasn't relevant to this picture Which by the way is amazing Also Jeremy is BASS GOD Thank you BASS GOD
misguidedHannah's picture

Really awesome photo! I cannot wait for NOW
daphne tanilon's picture

they've got a splendid beauty inside them. <3 they rock my world!!! \m/
paraweirdo101's picture

Conspiracyflame's picture

Wicked! <3
selemorito's picture

yeah!! que emocion :D!! ♥♥♥
ParamoretheMachine's picture

This is awesome! I am so excited for the new song!
Emmi McDonnell's picture

omg that is the best thing ive seen so far in my life im sooooooo excited about now words cant even decribe it luv u guys from the bottom of my heart u r a true inspiration just wish i could tell you in person :-( oh well always next year i guess xxxxxxxxx
xxxparamore43's picture

OMG That artwork is just beautiful... whoever did this is talented... it gave Paramore justice xoxoxoxoxoxooxox luv u 4ever guys xoxox
Lu ▐▐▐'s picture

omg I'm sooo excited♥ can't wait for this song
T-Bald37's picture

Looks awesome guys! Can't wait
Jorge_10's picture

Want it NOW
xxxparamore43's picture

Haha good one!!!
Ludivillarreal's picture

this is really awesome guys! Can't wait for Now! I really love you
ItsDavid's picture

Can't wait <3 I know you guys did a badass job ;)
Alejo_4's picture

So excited about the new album. Love this cover!
allweknowisbecca's picture

AAAHHHH!!! it's so amazing. Words cannot describe how excited I am xD<3