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'Now' Lyrics

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You're one of my favorite bands all these years. Many more to come for you, guys! <a href="">buy facebook fan</a>
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u have nooo idea how much i freakin love this song!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for 4th album...the lyrics so gooooood!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH for givin us the wonderful music!!!!!!!!!!!! keep going!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U ALL
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they really nailed it with this one!!!!
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I'm so excited for their new album!!!!! :D
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So awesome lyrics! I can't wait for the album!
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just have listen to it!! love this!!!
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So not only have I pre-ordered the limited pre-order box set but I've ordered like 3 copies of the limited signed postcard + album. I'm so excited for this album, just as much as I have for the others! I know it will be amazing now that we've all heard how awesome NOW is.
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so far, i love every single paramore song and i cannot wait for the new album :D
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one thing about Paramore... lyrics feel so real <3
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I wanna have a copy of the new album already!!
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Love you guys and your new song is very good can not wait until your new album comes out
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this is perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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amazing song!!!!!can't w8 for the other songs!!!
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Song are so easy to remember <3 Love them all !!!!!! <3 Ready for new album
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...This isn't even something I can wait for anymore... I Want This Album NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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can't wait for the incoming album..!
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Is there going to be a deluxe version of the album after it comes out? I noticed "in the mourning", "monster", "hello cold world", and "renegade" wasn't on the listing for the 4th album. Made me so sad. I love those songs. PLUS the new song. It was so different from the other songs. Change is good! Keep GROWING! God intended us to grow. Love you hayley, taylor, and jeremy. You are awesome. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR STAYING TOGETHER. I don't know what I would have done if my favorite band didn't stay together!
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awesome.. you guys show to us, you're stll a band, I can't wait for 4th album !!!! and if there is a future (4th album of PARAMORE) , I want it NOOOW
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This is so awesome. I really love paramore FOREVER!
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Sweet seems like a cool song want ot get the album but dont have anything to play it on.
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this is awesome! cant wait to hear the album
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Love this song! Been on repeat since it came out! 74 days till their new album now! :D xx
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omg, this song is so perfect. pre-ordered the album yesterday and i can't believe it comes with a signed postcard
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OMG! I freakin love this song I can't wait for the album in April!:)