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PARAHOY! Photos & Video

fueledbyadam's picture
on May 12, 2014 - 3:56pm

Click HERE to see a gallery of PARAHOY! photos from Mark C. Eshleman!

The amazing team at Sixthman just posted a great video from the PARAHOY! cruise - watch it below and check your email if you were on the ship for your exclusive code to get limited-edition PARAHOY! merch in The Paramore Webstore.


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I would love if it had been in spain.. I cry with every parahoy video that they post, but I feel good for the people that went.
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I despise school so much as the cost to go to school has prevented me from going on the Parahoy cruise. =[... I would like to purchase some Parahoy stuff, but I of course didn't get the code. Does anyone have one they don't plan on using?