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Paramore on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

fueledbyadam's picture
on April 12, 2013 - 5:31pm

In case you missed Paramore on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, you can watch the performance of 'Still Into You' below along with a 'Now' bonus performance. Both songs are on the new album out now - download it HERE!


Pedro Felício 28's picture

You guys playing better and better, with amazing music, and Hayley sings very well you have a beautiful voice of an angel is perfect, and you are also very beautiful, more perfect.
xSweetiex's picture

I love it how everyne's to busy recording the show to clap XD
PaRaMoNsTeR_eMmA's picture

waaaaah! I want to be there!! shame I'm on the wrong side of the world... :(
valeriesong98's picture

amazing as always <3 <3
xxxparamore43's picture

They used to be better live... :(
Bartman2001's picture

That said I'm liking this one live! Taylor's tearing it up! I could do without the backing track though.
Spinnerdoo's picture

Scratch my last comment, people must not know still into you that well yet, cause there was plenty of movement during now! Hayley killed the bridge on Now, sounded amazing!
Ste Le's picture

There was a bad storm that made the channel go out when this was live... but I'm glad I got to see it here! (:
misguidedHannah's picture

Both performances were so cool! It must have been awesome to play and be there.
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Ensign Impaler's picture

i played them both at the same time... why? because i can
Danilo Benites's picture

i can't see )): so sad i'm from Brazil and only people from US can see
Ana Lígia P. Sampaio's picture

Danilo, I'm from Brazil too and I can see it! Try again!!