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Paramore's iTunes Radio Station

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on November 21, 2013 - 12:56pm

Paramore is the Guest DJ on iTunes Radio! Click HERE to tune in to their station to hear some of their favorite songs from artists like Arcade Fire, Washed Out, Chvrches, Best Coast and Cage The Elephant.


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@foxyduality , I don't understand the negativity. Paramore has done so much for so many lives, they were always there for us. And now they've embarked on a new journey and the true fans are there for them!! You are sounding like a "self-righteous pawn in a losing game!" . Grow up.
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I loved you to the bones Hayley. I still know every song title from your early albums by 3sec of listening. Ihad been listening to Paramore since 2007, back when i was 14. Now Im 20 and only have one to say. WHY THE FCUK DID U DISTROY UR OWN BAND?!?!?!? Possesive, bitch. I had been dying my hair red for 4 years constantly coz of u. Riot album is a part of my life.How could you misstreat Zac and Josh so badly?! I luved ya. Now, Fuck you Hayley..... Fuck you!!!! Paramore's todays mainstream and shellow music is ripping my heart to pieces. You gonna get lost Hayley. You gonna change into Avril Lavigne. You betray all the wise words youve sung with ur bear sole.
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You are a sad sad person