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Paramore's Signings at Reading and Leeds

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on September 6, 2012 - 12:16pm

Watch a video from Paramore's time in the NME Signing Tent at the Reading Festival below and click HERE to see some of the photos from their signing in Leeds!




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Please come to chile !!
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Paramore just got into you guys but could you maybe do a signing in Cleveland. You guys are awesome and I'm starting a band as a 13 year old.
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soo lucky! they might think im sooo young tho! and i look younger cuz my height, ya. but they r just AMAZING!
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man i hope i can meet her one day!!
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Please come to Calgary.
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love'd every second in Leeds!!! Paramore for ever.
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I qued up for four and a half hours at Reading, but they cut the line off about ten people in front of me! I would have gotten there earlier, but I was working, so I got there as soon as I could, which wasn't early enough :'(
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Same thing happened to me and my sister at Leeds. We queued for 5 hours, got told we could meet them and they cut the line off after us, but they miscalculated how many people the band could see in the time available so they had to go :( i was so gutted :(
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I wish I could be there ♥ .... I love you hayley !!!
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amo a hayley c:
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if i met them, i would have cried forever and ever and ever, im crying now
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No to Indonesia again, but in France, because you've never been to France :) Paris, Marseille.. You have a lot of fans here ^^ I can taste you the French food ! haha
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awesome...! come to Indonesia again, please..!!
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I wish I could be there.
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OMG these fans have very good luck *-*
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They are the best band in the world I love, PARAWHORE OF HEART
J4N1_P4R4MOR3's picture

are so perfect <3
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those dudes are so lucky!
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oh son los mejores del mundo!!son originales!!!los amo♥
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Oh god I'm in that video, accent sounds terrible haha, but I did get to meet them, best moment of my life!