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Photos From Malibu

fueledbyadam's picture
on February 5, 2012 - 11:54am

Here are some photos from just before one of the band's producer meetings in Malibu last week.


HeadbangWithHayley's picture

If i was Hayley.. i would of already jumped in that pool right now!!
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paramore made it happen's picture

i'd have to touch the water just cause its there and it looks fake... i just have to
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Anii.g's picture

Awesome pics and a nice place
Celina_7's picture

awesome pics :D
Celya Ayu's picture

nice picture! I like it!
parawhoraWTF's picture

and tay?? is taking the photos?
Hayley Pattinson's picture

Taylor? Jeremy and Hayley are sooo awesome ;)
parenelmundomequierobajar's picture

and taylor?
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Tomxz's picture

Her jacket is dope as
Parawhore Juliana.'s picture

Where's Taylor? Oh, shit. ): Anyway, Jeremy and Hayley are sooo beautiful. Hayley, you wanna give me your jacket? Hahahahah.
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awwww cute they're like brother and sister heeheeh
Red Devil's picture

Environment is amazing..but i don't see the face of Hayley..maybe is avoiding the camera lol's picture

Hayley's just so puuurdy :)
ikey's picture

damn! I like that place :D
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that place is SICK!
SoCal's picture

1 more album and this will be Hayley's neighborhood. 20 million dollar estates.
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beautiful place ! I'm waiting for the 4th album paramore
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Awesome place guys. Loved Hayley's clothes ;3
punk_el_izzyo's picture

lucky, its snowing herel!
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Hayley's back looks so cool. haha.
heyyitzzsteph's picture

T, where u be?
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Jeremy looks so yummy. Great place btw
AliceParamoreFan's picture

OMG you guys are very lucky!
Raphael22_'s picture

OMG Perfect Place! I'd like to be there.
yelyah pieczara's picture

Taylor made photos ;))) unless..... :D