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Rescheduled Atlanta show!

  • Due to tornado damage sustained by the Tabernacle, Paramore has postponed this Saturday’s concert and rescheduled the performance for May 16th at the Masquerade Music Park. All tickets for the original March 29th show will be honored for the rescheduled date.

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on March 25, 2008 - 6:09am

Due to tornado damage sustained by the Tabernacle, Paramore has postponed this Saturday’s concert and rescheduled the performance for May 16th at the Masquerade Music Park. All tickets for the original March 29th show will be honored for the rescheduled date.

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Submitted By: Shashank i love paramore!!!!!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: ju' hi my name is justine and I'm 14 years old. and I just know you you are wonderful I love you!. so bye!! P.s I'm a french.. ^^ =) 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Megan Moody omg i love you guys! this is like the best band in the world that has a girl singer i love you... you are the best well g2g ttyl ilu Megan Moody 1.0's picture

Submitted By: jenny Yes Yes Yes!!! Thanks so much for the reschedules on the end of the uk tour. Now my best mate has time to sort work and we both have something awesome to look forward to in June!!! if its anything like the Manchester gig then bring it on now!!! That show was unbelievable and anyone seeing them for the first time is in for the best show of your life!! Paramore you rock and we love ya!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: maria i love paramore!!!!!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Olivia :) Thank you very very very much for rescheduling the glasgow concert =] :D May the 12th is guna be awesome <3 have fun touring in america :] :D xxxxxxxxxxx 1.0's picture

Submitted By: punkin is that the only time ur going to ga.?? will u come to va.? 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Rosie thank you sooooo much for rescheduling the uk shows (: 1.0's picture


Submitted By: Henry Still bummed that they're not coming to Atlanta till may 16. But its cool I will overlook the fact that Jimmy Eat World wasnt scheduled to be here, i dont evev like them. Paramore is a band! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Austin Man! I was going with some friends but now that the dates changed all my friends cant go so im stuck alone and im not sure if my parents will let me go now! My hopes of seeing my bands biggest influence and my favorite band is falling apart. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Josh 4rm B-ham Alabama Good!!!!!!!!! Know i can come 2 tha show! i missed the bham concert so im gonna go 2 the atlanta show!!! wooooooooohoooooooooo! paramore ur tha BEST!!!!!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Uk fan :) I am from the UK and I admit its really annoying how we have no idea when they are coming back but I am sure that they will soon but i hate all this stereotyping that all the people in the Uk are rude cause its clearly not true. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Siobhan Us UK people are not being rude, its pretty unacceptable how the band havent rearranged the dates. not only thats, its just unprofessional. they wont be successful without their fans. simple as. and we paid money for those tickets, why shouldnt we be just a tad pissed that we're being ingnored? 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Ansley Ok, so I know all you in the UK are getting angry, but the band is really busy. They're doing the best they can. Don't be rude. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: hayley m. AAAAA! i started crying when i found out! i thought i was gonna die... but hey, one more thing to look forward to! it's gonna be AWESOME! cant wait! see you in ATL! LOVE YOU GUYS! :] 1.0's picture

Submitted By: jenny I am a true fan thank you and if you read my comment you'll see that i said alot of people are getting pissed not me! Its just that my best mate has alot of work commitments and cant just get time off like that to go the show even though he'll want to! If they decide on a date it would give him time and alot of other people, no doubt, chance to sort stuff out. If they can arrange dates for America so fast then I dont understand why they cant sort these last 2 dates out especially when there in the uk in may. If I wasnt a fan why would i want to go to see then again! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Olivia Loves Paramore :) don't listen to the rude people from uk. i am from the uk and i was going to your Glasgow concert in Scotland. and i am happy for you to carry on your show in America first : ) they aren't really true fans if they say they are getting pissed waiting on you now are they. so ignore them. have lots of fun in Atlanta guys + Hayley :] hope to see you in Scotland soon <3 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Alonso This makes me soo happy, cuz the concert is now the day after my birthday, which makes it awesome cuz now i get to spend the day after my b-day with a bunch of my friends and listening to an amazing band play live, at my first concert ever. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: tony Since we have to wait, can a select few that got a presale ticket get a meet and greet pass. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Jenny so youve rescheduled some date in america and still no word on the uk riot last 2 dates!! come on you guys give your fans in the uk a break and tell us when your returning for the last two shows!! we all love ya but please this is getting alot of people really pissed now. i'm a huge fan and my tickets are just sat here. was lucky enough to see you at the start of the uk tour in manchester and it was totally awesome so decided to come back for more at nottingham so please please please do us all a favour and tell us when your doing these gigs!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: sacha i can't wait till then im soooooooooooooo excited 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Bria ya.. all u people in the uk who are being rude need to shut-up. because us in atlanta want to go see paramore to.
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OMG i can't wait till the May 16th show me and my friend r going it's gonna be the awesomest!!!!
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I not trying to get anyone mad but you people in the uk that are getting all ticked about this need to calm down! Paramore is probably really busy and want to rescuduel shows in the UK, but have you ever considered maybe they can't because of other tour dates and stuff just saying! And im not hating on yall in the UK cause yall rock!! 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Robert May 16th is my birthday ^^ 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Only Good Comments Allowed? Are only good comments allowed on here? Are we not permitted to be thoroughly fed up at having two gigs cancelled in the UK and despite Paramore being scheduled to appear here again in May they don't make one iota of effort to reschedule the cancelled gigs from January BEFORE they reschedules ones cancelled in the US in March - this stinks and I want my money back. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Getting Pissed Off PS - just cancel the remaining UK gigs and let us get our money back - I am over $150 out of pocket and there are some dedicated and reliable bands out there touring who I would rather give the money to. 1.0's picture

Submitted By: Getting Pissed Off Given that you are (allegedly) in the UK in May can we take it now that you have rescheduled a US date almost immediately after your UK commitments (I use the word commitment VERY loosely - I suspect you haven't a bloody clue what it means) that you are basically telling all the UK fans sitting here with tickets for gigs that have twice been cancelled to just go fuck themselves? 1.0's picture

Submitted By: RawrRiot gd 2 see ur rescedulin yr gigs so wen r yu cumin bk to glasgow ??? it's bn cancelled twice already =[ xxx