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The Self-Titled Photo Contest

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on January 6, 2014 - 7:09am

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos from The Self-Titled Tour and congratulations to all of the winners!

WEEK 6: Grow Up
1st Prize: itsregineyall
2 Runners Up: ZoboDeutch & sarajones

WEEK 5: Jeremy Davis
1st Prize: mdupic
Runners Up: thenamesalyssa & poppy123

WEEK 4: Still Into You
1st Prize: hollynicole
Runners Up: lexieparamore & chrenty

WEEK 3: Hayley Williams
1st Prize: jencasusi
Runners Up: MaddieMitchell, mdupic & bruujaaa

WEEK 2: Ain't It Fun
Congratulations to the 3 winners for the second week! Each winner will get one of the red choir gowns worn on stage during 'Ain't It Fun' and a copy of Paramore. The 1st prize winner will get the deluxe edition of the album plus a Paramore hoodie and t-shirt.

1st Prize: Mastrfshrmn
Runners Up: TonyT614 &  LauraXLove

WEEK 1: Taylor York
Congratulations to the first four winners! Each winner will get a drumstick signed by Taylor and one of his guitar picks. The 1st prize winner will also get the sold out Singles box set.

1st Prize: Shortysaurus51
Runners Up: Ivone Betsabe, Ever313 & Robbitaco


nina27's picture

The saddest part of contests is that they lead you to believe that you actually have a chance of winning. I've never won anything before so I guess I'm a sucker for believing. I hope the band enjoyed my pictures. I'm very proud of them.'s picture

my pre-sale code doesn't work :( what do I do?!
Hollowed_out_and_filled_up_with_hate's picture

I have a picture of, right after the song, SHE STILL HAS THE JACKET ON
Hailey.G's picture

Actually, im not even sure if the;self-titled photo contest is still on... is it?
Hollowed_out_and_filled_up_with_hate's picture

Yeah, but its the last week!
Hailey.G's picture

I posted 2 photos. They didnt show up. Anyone else with this problem?
_betterOff's picture

That's so unfair, you haven't come to Guatemala yet :(
jim123451997's picture

Please Paramore..visit Greece this year..I'm so desperate..It's my only dream to see you :'(
nina27's picture

I uploaded 5 pics but they're not showing up. I've uploaded pictures in the past. I really hope they upload
liztolbert's picture

I sent in my photos for the Still Into You contest on Tuesday (December 24th) and they still haven't shown up on the site.
jencasusi's picture

What would be the prizes for Week 3, and how do the winners get their prizes? Thank you so much! Congratulations to all the winners! :)
TaraTheobald's picture

I can't seem to post onto here I follow everything but it is not on the site It stink because I have had pictures for every week but I do not see them posted
Hollowed_out_and_filled_up_with_hate's picture

I actually have a few...
Hollowed_out_and_filled_up_with_hate's picture

Congrats winners! I have a really awesome pic of the balloons dropping, will upload ASAP!
aboynamemark's picture

Congrats to the winners!:)
tragically_hip's picture

If you don't think your photo uploaded for the contest Read this.
mdupic's picture

how do we getour prizes?
AstridRodriguez300's picture

Ive uploaded a bunch of pics but they havent showed up on my profile. It said it had been submitted and saved. i just hope they did submit
yelyahposey's picture

I've uploaded a few of my photos of Hayley a few days ago and it said the uploads were successful but still they're not on my profile yet :(
Kate_64's picture

I have posted a picture of Hayley and it is not appearing anywhere on this site!!!
theoneandonly's picture

A huge chunk of us aren't seeing pictures we've uploaded. I hope it's just a site error and they're still being considered :/
YellForYelyah's picture

I have really good pics and they're not uploading. When I hit submit, it says "placed in moderation queue" and then it immediately says "pic has been created." They're not showing up on my profile or in the photo section. The contest ends tonight so I hope they get uploaded or else I'll be really sad.
theaveragejo81's picture

I posted my pictures of Hayley on Monday and re-posted them on Saturday... still have yet to show up on my profile. ...What did I ever do to you FBR? :c
Kittykittymeowmeow's picture

k im pissed:( ive uploaded my photos a week ago and they still havent shown up? and the contests almost over
theaveragejo81's picture

same. FBR has something against die-hard fans I guess...
ashleycorman's picture

I tried to upload a couple photos for the contest last Tuesday, and another yesterday, and none have them have shown up yet. Every one I've uploaded says it was successful.Is it normal for it to take this long or should I try uploading them again?
Reagan.ting's picture

Somehow I can't upload my photo. Every of the criteria fits but I just can't upload it. No error message or anything.
zchan's picture

I uploaded my photos a few days ago and they still haven't shown up. :/
_KakaCarvalho's picture

You never make worldwide competitions, kinda unfair :/
Kittykittymeowmeow's picture

mine arent showing up? i've uploaded them days ago