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on July 26, 2010 - 11:04am

Click HERE to check out what had to say about the opening night of the Honda Civic Tour as well as some exclusive photos from it like the one below!


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i lyk this hayley.........paramore really rocks...
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wow! wish i could be there.. T_T
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hi! i am jonathan taylor jaja and i am from chile and i love paramore!
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Yes yes! I loved it, nice article.
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cool i love paramore is genial please hayley o taylor follow me in twitter @SlikWant please please
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Hey Jeremy, You have not met me yet. I'm your cousin Lisa. Your Dad Ronnie is my cousin. I'm coming to your show September 1 at the Gwinnett Arena. Your Dad is getting me tickets!! Just saying, Hey cuz, you have done it!! Congrats on you and your band mates success. See ya there!! Love and Peace!!! Lisa
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I went 2 it on July was AMAZING!!!! best show i have ever been to in my entire life.
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As long as they sing My Heart and Let the Flames Begin I will be happy :P
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thats sweet
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so beautiful..
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It was the best show I've EVER been to in my life. And not just because of Paramore. Okay maybe because of Paramore. >> Anyone who didn't get to go, here's what they played!: 1. Misery Business 2. Born For This 3. Ignorance 4. Feeling Sorry 5. That's What You Get 6. Crushcrushcrush 7. Pressure 8. Careful 9. The Only Exception 10. When It Rains 11. Where The Lines Overlap 12. Misguided Ghosts 13. Decode 14. Looking Up 15. My Heart (And then the encore!) 16. Let the Flames begin 17. Brick by Boring Brick Have fun everybody! Hope lots of folks get to see the rest of the shows!
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wow awesome! i actually read the article and i cant wait for the concert im goin to in august :)
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great pic!!! looks like the stage is awesome!!!
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Sorry guys, no concert for me in the Fall. Love the cooziness of smaller venues! booohoo
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i cant wait for this tuesday aug 3 for your concert i love you guys i dont care where i am as long as i see you guys in concert.
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louco para ouvir paramore aqui no Brasil!!!! I love paramore
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That picture is awesome! I wish I was that close and got that good of a picture.
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Philippines, please? :( I'm really looking forward to another show here in our place.(:
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let headbanging with hayley hahahahaa
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Just wanted to let you know that your raleigh show was amazing. It felt amazing to be the first place that you began the tour, and No matter where i was standing in the arena i still felt like i was right there in the front cheering. You can tell that you really care about your fans. I hope the rest of the tour is amazing for all of you.
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hayley looks great!!
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Loved the article - a lot more than the last spin article, was a really good read for fans like me who are looking forward to seeing them this year. i really respect paramore for their choice in set list- they have chosen mostly old songs which is great for longterm fans!
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Hey everybody !!!! sign up and vote @ Paramore is up for a couple of awards, and B.o.B. w/ Hayley (airplanes) is up for two more !!!! Lets show them our love ; )
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hayley looks awesome:)
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