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Spring Tour Merchandise

Paramore's picture
on May 7, 2013 - 3:15pm

Here’s a look at the merch available on the North American Spring Tour. Which item is your favorite?


ItsDanielaGO's picture

love the stickers and I liked the hoodie (one of my favorite)
frommyredlips's picture

"Even On Our Worst Nights" hoodie!! Favorite!!! I need a dope hoodie and this the one! Sell it on the store website!! Pleeease! I'd buy it at a concert but you guys don't come to Sacramento, CA.
ironpatriot's picture

paramore stickers 10$ i didnt see the paramore towel i didnt see it the hoodies is 50$ the bag was 10 i guess the tshirts was 30 but the tour one was 35 bucks not sure how much the kitten shirt was maybe 30 i think most this stuff is only sold at the concert right now maybe later it be in the store after us tours done or all of it i guess
OMGitsWOOSHY's picture

where can i get the red paramore symbol shield Tshirt? or the still into you top , I can not find it.
nepheli_eva's picture

I Want them All!!! *-*
chris10lee's picture

Loving all the designs! Last night I got the official Tour tee and the Win The War tee ♥
SatoshiBaka's picture

Oh gosh... I need those stickers !!!
Ali8ce__'s picture

i like the hoodie...and all those tshirts...and those know what, i want them all!!!! xD
ErickSantos's picture

Oh God, I need one of these aaaaaaaaaa
BornforParamore99's picture

I want it all
EatCookiez's picture

love the stickers !
ezmita06's picture

I like the tour shirt. the last one you guys showed
drdinosaur's picture

Hayley is so cute X')
kirafrancesj's picture

Please be mine.
kirafrancesj's picture

I love everything, I super do ♥
lukeywukey's picture

I'm going to the Silver Spring one this weekend, can't wait to get the tour shirt and the hoodie!
PinkLlamas2's picture

the real question here is how much is all of this stuff??
Amou's picture

50 for hoodie, tshirts were 30. Bag was 10. This was in Toronto though.
Black_lotus's picture

I can´t choose just one thing. I like everything! I LOVE PARAMORE RETURN TO COLOMBIA. MY DREAM IS GO TO CONCERT OF PARAMORE HERE IN COLOMBIA. I love YOu Guys <3
Emmi McDonnell's picture

i cant choose one i love it all
quinn.ace16's picture

i want one of those .. hope i get one of those soon .. i love paramore
ParaKitten's picture

i have the shirt that has the tour on the back. and i have the bag. you guys were perfect in Phoenix! best night of my life!
button_eyes's picture

Can I choose two of them? My favorite are stickers (so coool!) and grey T-shirt with "Now" lyrics. It's really awesome! C:
aljean gulle's picture

cool stuff !!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEY !!!!!!!!!!! :))
shawnt's picture

I love this stuff but is it only available on the tours or will it be available online soon too PARAMORE 4 LIFE
Edna Brooks's picture

I really like the stickers and the tour shirt
Ella__LC's picture

The orange still into you top!! x
SauloHerique's picture

I loved YA!! <3 Brazil <3
Froggles's picture

Please come to the UK! I'm counting on it! :-) I need to see Paramore live!
Heatherface's picture

I rlly like the stickers and the tour shirt... I have ALOT of your merch. and I can't wait to get more.... The stuff I have barely fits in my room... :D Can't wait to see you guys live next wensday :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Seriously this new cd got me through alot same with the older ones.... Paramore has literary saved my life.... :D Ask anyone...