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'Stay The Night'

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on September 4, 2013 - 2:18pm

Zedd's new single 'Stay The Night' featuring Hayley Williams is out now! Click HERE to download it on iTunes and watch the new music video below:


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I am normally a HUGE fan of Paramore, and am not a negative nancy. however, I am disappointed with the message of this song, and the millions of people that will believe in and sing along with the lyrics. Although this song is sooo catchy and has a great beat, (also wonderful vocals), it shares a message that promiscuity and "staying the night" with someone (sounds like a one-night stand?) is okay. ("Doesn't mean we're bound for life...") I would expect this kind of message from many other singers, but not from my dear Paramore! As people who profess Christianity and beliefs other than one-night-stands and casual sexual encounters it is disappointing, and sounds like a sell out to me. I don't like being negative at all but this is not the type of message I would expect from someone who is close to God...and truly cares about his kids. I don't care if someone else wrote it...if you're singing it, it means you agree with it...
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I love it!! <3 I love how dance is incorporated into it, makes everything so much better watching it.
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Are you gonna stay the night Doesn't mean we're bound for life So oh oh, are you gonna stay the night ♥
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Amazing piece of art <3
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Love It! Please Paramore Come To Croatia!
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what can I say? it's perfect <3
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que cancion mas pegajosa i que hermosa hayley williams y ese cotrte le hace mas sexi
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Awesome Hayley! Thanks for the concert in the Netherlands! I love you!
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gooo hayleyyyy!!!!!!!!! :))
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This song is amazing! ♥♥ and i really really love it
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Hayley! Don't lose your style
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GAAAAH! i had the full song. and i got LSS with it. i repeated the song all over again for about a day :)
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Full song is AMAZING!!!!!! XD Love it!!! <3
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I really like everything about this song, and I think the collaboration is great. I guess the only thing I'm confused about is the message. I read somewhere it's about a couple that's breaking up & staying together one last time, which is tragic and poetic in a way, and I understand it. But I guess I was just looking for some hope when I was listening to it. Something that indicated staying the night would mean more than just staying one last night/saying goodbye. That maybe there's still a chance for the couple. idk, it's just kind of a weird message. Also though, others that don't look into it/are at the club will probably just sing the song to people they're looking to have one night stand's with, which will give the song a shallow feel. Anyways, like i said the song is great I just wish it gave people a different message to relate to. Still love Paramore though :)
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simplemente fenomenal.................
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best song ever
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i love you chiuchiu
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The Full song is great! good job(:
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ya quiero la de peru
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Zedd s2
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I want this song NOW! its going to be big.
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This is gonna be played everywhere !!!! :O
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Absolutely LOVE this!!! Can't wait for the full song! XD
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can't wait to download this >.<