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'Still Into You' Lyric Video

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on March 14, 2013 - 10:41am

HOMEMADE lyric vid straight from Jeremy's crib.


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People who hate this song,why bother listen to this song...go listen to your favourite one then
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Stop the negativity guys! If you don't like the song then don't post negative shit. This song would have to be my second favorite next to Renegade. The band has not stepped back, 'Now' and 'Still Into You' are great songs that are positive which is a definite step forward. I mean just listen to 'Turn It Off', it's a song about jumping off a cliff and realizing you're better off at the bottom, now look at that! It seems like a bit of a step forward to me. Stop the shit, this song is brilliant!
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This song is incredible! I'm exited for listen the new album, great work guys!
YouAintWomanEnough's picture

Adoree thiss
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Unlike all the people who claim to be fans yet write nasty things, I think " I'm into you "is a great love song I like its different and I wouldnt want a band who sounds the same. This proves that no matter what they can be different and I for one know why I became a fan and its because paramore is not like everyone else. Different is not bad, and why are people concentrating on the farro's ???? They ain't in the band no more so let the past be the past. Appreciate the present and I can't wait to see paramore may 16 at hammerstein ballroom. This will be my second show seeing them and I know I'll cry when they come on. # I'llNeverStopLovingParamore ;)
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I love your music! *--*
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Can I remind the haters of the song that the Farros LEFT because they thought Paramore was getting negative. Remember how much fun Where The Lines Overlap was? We're seeing a new side of them, and I'm growing up with them. This is absolutely amazing and I will forever more love Paramore!
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No one is obligated to like every song the band does. This song is just not very good. It represents a huge step back for them especially musically. No growth here. That's not hating just calling it like it is. I do hope the rest of the record is better than this but I'd be lying if I didn'y say I have my doubts.
AutumnRose19's picture

I second you.!!! Don't like the sing at all.. This is so Taylor Swift.
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I love see this video :D haha
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This song is so tender ... Lovely, I would like to feel like that someday. Very successful guys, thanks for brighten these six years of my life, You will always be the band of my life :)
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ugh so great
DeadlyPenguin's picture

So glad you guys released another song before the album comes out, I just wish I could get this on the US iTunes store.
RoxanaRubis's picture

es muy linda :) pero porque cambiaron tanto de estilo? u.u besos ♥
Shauna Bauna's picture

The chorus is soo frickin catchy! Its such a happy song, you guys should write more of these xxx
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woah this is amazing!! xxx love you guys even after all this time im still into you paramore xxx
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In 1983 Van Halen released "Jump." It was criticized as being too poppy and for straying too far from the band's typical hard rock genre. It was their only No. 1 song. The creative process takes you where it takes you. If it takes you to writing a song like this how can you not record it? This song is a hit and should be all over the radio.
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Van Halen went straigh downhill the album 1984 was the start of it. Apart form "I'll Wait" the rest of that album is garbage. Hopefully we'll get better from "Paramore" even if we have to sit through sub par stuff like "Still Into You" No way to tell though until April 9th. P.S "I don't Want To Miss A Thing" is Aerosmith's only #1 song and it is god awful too. Chart position and sales don't always signal quality.
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this is one of their best songs...I just love to listen to it many times..
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i like the song. Good job guys
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It's amazing!
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Oh my GOSH!!!!! Listening to this and Now makes me even more excited to get "Paramore"!!!! Still Into You is so addicting to listen to and I'll always be into Paramore. LOVE the hand movements too in this lyric video. I've always been very proud of Paramore and I will always be :) P.S. Ever since I listened to it on the day it was released, I've been humming it everywhere.
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Love it <3<3
LuisUntiveros's picture

Very Good I like :) Greetings from Peru
parawhore-sunny's picture

IT 's great~~~i don't know..seem that like riot more..never mind!! it's catchy ..and beautiful, still into paramore!!! alot!!
Kevin Guzman's picture

OMG best paramore song it sounds like a good love song like in the B Sides i love it <3 (:
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Love this song. It's good to hear some upbeat stuff. I've been a fan from their 1st single and I don't know why everyone thinks these recent songs are completely different from their older stuff. There's still the underlining Paramore sound mixed with the new vibe. If you've ever heard they're "BSides" you'd know it's really not that different. What about "Adore" or "Another Day"? Plus, are they only allowed to be depressed and write about bad times? I'm loving the new vibe. There's more to life than emo topics! Good work guys. Paramore4Life!
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Different is one thing, This song is even too poppy for Riot. This is not a step forward or growing it is a giant step back from the innocence of Riot to borderline kiddy music.
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I disagree. I think its no poppier than That's What You Get or Where the Lines Overlap. To me, this song is great, because they've never done anything like it before. It's fun and catchy, and they are not angry (like usual). In that regard, this is a big step forward. And btw, light-hearted and catchy is not the same thing as "too poppy." Now, I can understand where you're coming from... if every song on the album was like this, I'd be a bit worried. But Paramore always changes it up. No two songs sound the same. Just compare Still Into You to Now. Completely different. I love both, and still have faith in em. But once again, I can understand where you're coming from.