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Taylor and Hayley Interview with Rolling Stone

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on January 10, 2013 - 1:44pm

Rolling Stone posted an interview with Taylor and Hayley. Click HERE to read it!

"I don't think we knew that we were going to write super poppy songs or dance-y songs, but it just kind of happened. It was really scary, but it was really cool." - Taylor


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This is the first substantial interview given to Paramore by Rolling Stone they don’t eat sleep and drink Paramore the way we do. So it’s only natural they touched on the past and as I’ve posted before Rolling Stone A. did not over do it and B. a majority of the questions were in regards to the musical direction since Josh and Zac left and the functioning of the band with new members. You’ll also notice Hayley and Taylor didn’t seem to be getting nearly as huffy and puffy about the questions being asked of them than everyone here.
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Paramore are a forever evolving band, they always have had a wide range of different songs and I hope this album is the same. Surely we don't want all of their songs to sound identical, that would be boring. Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor all know what music sounds right and I'm sure they wont let us down! I'm so excited for the new album and Hayley's voice makes any song great anyway.
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I'm happy and excited that Paramore is doing interviews and they're about to release their first song off the album, but it was a bit annoying that the interviewer repeated questions about drama from over two years ago. Honestly, it's time to move on. Mentioning it at all is already overdoing it in my opinion. They could've just asked how their music has changed/been influenced based on everything they've been through without going into it too much. Especially not that last question .. a bit awkward, considering they had to blatantly put [Silence]. Anyway, I'm a faithful fan, but I am a bit worried about the "poppy", "dance-y" sound, but based off the preview for "Now", I don't think Taylor's definition of poppy and dance-y isn't the same as ours. Like others said, let's wait and see! I'm still excited.
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excellent comment, more or less my thoughts exactly
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Let's not forget that like 7,000 people liked the interview, so they probably read it and were interested but just declined to comment. Sometimes commenting is tedious because people tend to argue. I personally, can't wait for the new album!!
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Man reading the comments on the Rolling Stones page annoyed me!! Why are people so negative and not excited for it?! Who CARES if it's a new sounds, don't judge it until you've heard it!! And if you love the band, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it no matter what. They're music so far has been so different from heavy stuff, to ballads and some pop stuff anyway but everyone still loves it! I am EXCITED!
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People aren’t trashing it they simply are saying they have mixed feelings about what they might hear based on what the band has told us. I think that’s justifiable. Going from heavy riffs to Bieberesque “music” would be dumbing down a great band. Of course I don’t know how good it will be until I hear it. I’m hoping it will be good I’ll certainly buy it the day it comes out but…. Poppy music has many, many limitations it would suck very badly if Paramore traded in what made them so unique to being just another mindless, soulless pop band reaching out to the lowest common denominator of music listener. Way too often that’s what “poppy” music is I hope it’s not with Paramore but there’s no way not to have doubts based on what we’ve heard.
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Honestly, that was a really shitty interview. I expected better from Rolling Stone than to act like a TMZ reporter focused on things that happened threeish years ago. I didn't want to read an article on old news, and I feel bad that Hayley and Taylor were yet again subjected to an interview on the one topic that won't die. I really wanted to hear about the sound of the new album some more. What new things they tried in the studio, etc. I find myself angry after reading that interview. Maybe misplaced feelings, but hey, I want Paramore to shine.
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Disagree completely the interviewer asked the pertinent questions about the past without overdoing it. A lot of the questions involving the past also had to do with the new record and how the process has changed from then till now. Once again fair questions not just digging at the past.
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Only 5 comments? That's quite disturbing... Where are the fans? Aren't they excited about the new album? Maybe the departure of former members of the band has something to do? Or maybe it could be the long break between Brand New Eyes and the new album? Thoughts please...
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Did you read any of the comments posted on Rolling Stone’s site? Perhaps people are being scared off by heavy riffs being replaced with “poppy dancy Paramore”. Also sad to say Twitter and Tumbler etc have changed how a lot of people follow this band. Fewer and fewer people turn up here to do so, sadly.
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Good point, now it's easier to follow the band via any social network, maybe that's the reason why fans are no longer here. Regarding the interview... it's 2013, not 2010 or early 2011, stop digging into the past, they move forward, why can't you? Anyway, I really hope that fans are in a cryo sleep and that the new album, which I hope will be something amazing, wakes them up and remind them why they love this band.
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This is awesome! It's very exciting to see Paramore doing all these new interviews, especially since they're about the new album!
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I love how Hayley and Taylor kept their cool even though the interviewer was fishing to create drama that wasnt there hahaha :)
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Agreed, sucks the journalist couldn't just let old news be.
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Disagree completely the interviewer asked the pertinent questions about the past without overdoing it.
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So glad that you guys are having a new album! If you broke up i dont know what i would do, it would break my heart. But can't wait! I have a feeling this album with be awesome i can just feel it. Love you guys<3
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theyre still amazing songs xxx
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Woooooow, love u guys!♥