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on January 19, 2011 - 12:28pm


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Paramore.... Be the best with God. Trials are just a test to your faith. An analogy for example. If you hold on tight to superman, you will never fall but if not you will. But don't worry you will not die because he will rescue you no matter what... See God is with us all the time, just keep your faith and love for him... In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen
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im crying!!!! i love this video!! :'D
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how doesn't
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I (still) love Paramore
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I love it--"Team Paramore". Great video. Thank you, whoever put it together... I love what you wrote in the beginning of the video. You speak for me as well. Nicely done.
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rarwrr!! yeah I (still) love PARAMORE :)
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Amazing :D
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That is Beutiful!!! I (still) love Paramore Just wanted to say it that is so touching
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Totaly agree PFFL (paramore fan for life) i still love paramore
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OMG that was amazing i 100% agree :) Because no paramore=Every thing .. i wish that i could meet them in rl. PARAMORE IS IN MY BLOOD.
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Of all my dreams, Paramore is the only one thats come true.
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That was amazing it was beautiful to see all of us fans coming together and showing our love to Paramore! This was an AWESOME way to show Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy we still LOVE, SUPPORT, AND LISTEN to them!! Paramore is (still) a band!!
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i freaking luv this love ya paramore 4ever!!!
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That video was amazing!!! wow Paramore!!!! i TRULY am THANKFUL YALL R STILL A BAND!!! CUZ i WILL Always&Forever B a FAN :D
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I will always forever and ever love Paramore! No. Matter. What
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we are (still) a family. no matter what...
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I will always love Paramore !!!
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Thank you Paramore, for igniting my heart. You mean more to me than you'll ever know...
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I'll always support PARAMORE! PARAMORE, !
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i will always love paramore no matter what happens!!! :D p?a?r?a?m?o?r?e :D
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Paramore will always be my favorite band. Paramore is (still) and will (always be) a band :)
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PARAMORE HAS TO STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll always support you guys!!!
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me too!!!!!im here to saty???and jeremy i think ur adorable
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I (still) Love Paramore
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my life would be boring without PARAMORE. PARAMORE fan for LIFE!!!!
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GUYS, keep on supporting paramore!!!!!!!!! ))))))))