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Video Interview with District MTV

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on January 29, 2013 - 10:53am

Check out this video from District MTV where they caught up with the band to talk about what they like to wear on stage and Jeremy's biggest fashion disaster.

"Taylor is the Rooney Mara of Paramore." - Hayley


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Oh Hayley:)

i think hayley is the rooney mara of will see it on the video now.
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Oh Hayley... fashion disaster you are not.
RiotInMeRed's picture

i agree lol like some of the stuff she wears i wouldnt wear cos id look like silly but it works for her cos its her look its her thang ha ha ha
Bartman2001's picture

"Taylor is the Rooney Mara of Paramore." - Hayley Rooney was named after her greatgrandfather Art Rooney orignal, well he won the team at the track, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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Hey, taylor was justin timberlake from paramore Lol <3