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Hayley on stage

Hayley on stage
Posted by branchesbro

From Bran's Picks For 2009, a collection of my favorite Paramore photos from 2009.


JaviithoOx's picture

Hayley...I love You!!!!! :D
ParawhoreEllen's picture

Hayley is so pretty!!
Ali Oeo's picture

allweknowisRIOT_2's picture

i love her
kyra standl's picture

she's like aaaaah XD
HayleyIsMyNovacaine's picture

whoa ! amazing!
ChungVzla's picture

Oh God she looks exceptionally PRETTY on this photo dammit cant wait until Hong Kong concert for the best day of my life
Imagine That's picture

I need to be a photographer
ParaWhoreeAtTheDisco's picture

Loooksss Fricken Awesome
Mary_12's picture

redhead ?
rinirae's picture

wooa so awesome!!
seansmithrulez-'s picture

The lighting :ooo.
kinga's picture

I love Hayley's T-shirt ;]
Misery'Ghost's picture

Epicc Awesomeness x
Lauti's picture

ryszofinlayson's picture

nice :)
paramoreagustinpaz's picture

lovely pic :P
Rocii's picture

I love this pic!!!!
IaMtHeOnLyExCePtIoN's picture

... she's amazing.
LocaporParamore's picture

i really love this pic!!
bekendt's picture

love this!
evameatsix's picture

julyana's picture

is beautiful
Chelsea_Rollins's picture

thts ahmazazing... that has got to take some lungs
herp_derp's picture

well said partaknot
partaknot's picture

that pretty picture, always with his impressive voice. Besides the incredible skill she brings to each concert is to be commended. I love you crazy, so I went to great many more people will see you, they'll listen and say that you're an example of music, desire to live life and very good person (from what I've seen on the internet). We, your fans feel that the best legacy that you left and you will leave will be amazing for all that you've done to brighten every day life of all the fans with your good heart and soul. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE HAYLEY! I LOVE YOU. I will always follow!
VanessaPARAMORE's picture

miss that hair :'(!!!! Hayley is amazing!
youaretheonlyexception''s picture

hayley williams is a m a z i n g !!
Midget Ninja's picture

omg best sinnger of all time
samira's picture

greatest singer in the world!