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from @MyHeartIsxYours

from @MyHeartIsxYours
Posted by ParaWebCrew


Juuh_Death's picture

OMG! perfect *u*
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Beautiful's picture

i like it! :)
Olivia Buchanan's picture

she looks a lot like hayley, with the hair, clothes, and makeup. but... the hair is too orange
sushi-bites's picture

I likes It c;
Candice the Ghost's picture

Pretty But Your Hair Is Too Bright To Be Real
paramore97.'s picture

edited; cough cough
Vhon29's picture

better if u dnt do photoshop,
anna_50's picture

nC makeup
sk8er12321's picture

photoshop... :/
Skye_2's picture

you did such an awesome job! You look like Hayley from the final riot!!
Kate_3's picture

Your so pretty,you did a great job
G.Dragon's picture

Oh my god your beautiful! xD
coolconnor55's picture

loving the hair ;)
anqee...'s picture

LOVE THE PICK !!! btw ur hair tOO
Esperanza Jimenez's picture

love your hair :)
Teff's picture

Your Hair loveeeeeee it
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paramoreismylife_3's picture

the dress! i love that..!!
XxXParamoreXforeverXxX's picture

adorable your eyes are so big! lol love the hair

WOW! ^O^
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Megan.'s picture

OMG, Hayley has that shirt!
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love your hair,make-up,and nose ring
Ibitsu's picture

wow...she looks a lot like Hayley! love the hair, too!!! =D
mmjohnson771's picture

this is great!! you're hair rules.
Hayley's_BFF's picture

i just looooooove~ your hair! you still have it?
SaNtI's picture

wow what a cool picture