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from @elocinmarks

from @elocinmarks
Posted by ParaWebCrew


ForTheFuture4's picture

@OLIVIABUCHANAN Next time you point a finger, I'll point you to the mirror
RunParaWays's picture

i think it's really close! i love the pic! veryyyyy nice!!! :)
Skye_2's picture

@Chloe Loves Paramore, You are so right. It shouldn't matter what nationality or race you are, or if you don't look exactly like Hayley, because you TRIED.
theparamoreworld's picture

? so true
noknowme's picture

you srsly look like Naya Riviera.
yellowstopsigns's picture

love thiis
Misguided-Ghost's picture

is that like a Hayley williams wig or something?? it looks so much like in the Final riot! awsome :D
Chloe Loves Paramore's picture

@olivia I'm mexican. I've always wanted to be hayley for halloween but i know i can't pull it off because of my skin tone and hair. that was a very rude comment in my opinion. i think she looks really good. guys. i'm so sick of seeing such rude comments. look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are a real paramore fan. because obviously this is not just a band and tons of fans. this is a PARAFAMILY. and i would never put down one of my parafamily members.
Olivia Buchanan's picture

the hair and the shirt but not the face she looks too mexican
strawberryjamn's picture

The hair.
saneill17's picture

Hayley meet Santana from Glee
Candice the Ghost's picture

A Little
paramore97.'s picture

Skye_2's picture

awesome job!!!
dinnosarah's picture

think it's on the final riot -.-
anqee...'s picture

NO i havee never seen Hayley like that !!!
itsclaudiayall's picture

i like c:
bamitsmegan's picture

Not seeing it i'm afraid ...
paramoreismylife_3's picture

beautiful .. xx
Cross 'em tight's picture

You look so much like Hayley
Jü Cader's picture

Your hair is cool!
yelyahlover's picture

cool (:
LetíciaAzevedoLima's picture

o cabelo é lindo
Mrs.Farro90210's picture

wow you reall ydo look like hayley. That is so cool
LadyFabulous's picture

Your hair is perfect for Hayley but your facial features really resemble Naya Rivera!!!!
mmjohnson771's picture

the hair is good!!!
Claaads'ppt's picture

i love your hair, it's so beautiful *.*
anabananaa54's picture

AGH! you look alot like her!!!
II-T e i r a-II's picture

Ohmigosh! You look sooo much like her!
dimo95's picture

Gosh! you look like Hayley here!