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from @channetter

from @channetter
Posted by ParaWebCrew


strawberryjamn's picture

I was like WHOA! HAHA! You've got LONG TONGUE gisr! \m/
Candice the Ghost's picture

I Can Feel The Pressure
deanna22897's picture

where did u got shirt and ps u look like hayley when she sing pressure
Vhon29's picture

how many inches of that tongue? :P
PombearLover's picture

(Y) thumbs up (Y)
Skye_2's picture

Reminds me of Hayley from All We Know Is Falling
Meghan_3's picture

Looks like a young Hayley :)
xXstopthissongXx's picture

you have a long tongue
miracleshappen's picture

love the shirt.
Cross 'em tight's picture

I love your hair and your t-shirt :D
XxXParamoreXforeverXxX's picture

i thought your tounge was something else for sec lol but love the hair lol!
LetíciaAzevedoLima's picture

o cabelo até vai
pietroaviles's picture

this tongue can do a looooot of things............sing for example hahahaha!
Claaads'ppt's picture

i love your t-shirt ;)
MeliiZhitha's picture

Reindweller's picture

epic tongue!
kitkat346's picture

Matias Drummer's picture

Quinta1231's picture

Is it judt me, or is her tongue really long? Btw, love the shirt ; D
Ceetje's picture

lovelovelove the shirt!
redhairgirl's picture

no one looks like hayley she is an unikate
happyfroggy's picture

haha! just like hayley in the awkif days... good times...
ParamoreFreak_25's picture

i like your shirt and your hair! i am soooo being Hayley for halloween next year :)
kenzie_2's picture

i have that shirt........and im wearing it
KryanN_BloodsteeL's picture

nice hair!
icomein_pieces's picture

paigeery's picture

I havee your shirt (:
Halley Morgan Simons's picture

nice (:
RiotGirlx3's picture

your hair is amazing :)
BrookieCookie96's picture

Nice hair ! :D