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My new toy :) '58 Junior. Sounds ridiculous.

My new toy :) '58 Junior. Sounds ridiculous.
Posted by taylor


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UUO! yesterday in Buenos Aires. instruments were connecting!, and when I saw this guitar and the other white I said if! taylor'm keeping my sector!. I was very happy, so I love the F sector hahahaha
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smexi *drools*
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ouu gosh*-*?
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i want to get a schecter pt fastback for my birthday.......but can i steal this from you instead? x
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wow!! that's beautiful!!
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naww. dont call it a toy, treat it like a human being who needs love and care. then it would sounds even morew ridiculous :P
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thats one sexy guitar!
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Niiiiice ! Though I wish if I was your guitar so you can love e that much....=C
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wish i had that
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Beautiful toy?
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is really cute ?
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hahaha awww ?
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Looks great, want the same :D
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Woww ! I Liked it !
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this almost made me cry its beautiful :'D
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wow I liked it... Don't blame me if it disappear someday xD...
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soo....beautifull... :')
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its so beautifulllllllll :')
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will u play it at Brazil? if u'll ,it'll be cool,so cool
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i loved it!!!!!
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nice guitar u got there.,.hope i'd have one soon.,.
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oh gowwwd it's so pretty
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Nice unit man, You mill make that badboy talk
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Oh god, i'm envious! It will be put to good use with you though : ).
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I hope that this guitar don´t finish like the jeremy`s bass jajjaaj :)