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Cooking at jerms

Cooking at jerms
Posted by Hayley

beware of you.


edgar's picture

haha awesome :D but the food looks kinda weird but it probably tastes great !! & i think hayley looks young too :D shes beautiful so its okay !
Ell's picture

yummy :D
Sofiaaa's picture

their faces are like " 'SSUP?" :D
Katlynnforlifee's picture

Hahaha you guys are awesome (:
Frieda's picture

i really wanna cook with you :>
paramoreprincess13's picture

Has anyone else noticed how young Hayley looks in ths photo??!! She doesn't even look like herself, she looks about six!! CUTE! I love how they hang out all the time, they even cook together. LOVE
Fernandaa Criistina's picture

Yumi Yumi! hahahha I Love You Guys
GiovannaOaken's picture

hahahahaah it might have been fun :D With you guys, everything is fun, tho.
ALi P_2's picture

cute :)
Josh-Dawes's picture

Hayley's so small!!!! :)
Josh-Dawes's picture

One of my favourite pictures :)
VaNeSSa ReDD's picture

awesome! care to share? lol! :)
Larissa G.'s picture

Maruu37's picture

I love you guys!
Roy Burnley's picture

Y'all are so awesome! Love you guys! :)
ReadySet4Lyfe's picture

Lovin Taylor's shirt :)
G.a.b.i's picture

Love this!
afraidoforange88's picture

taylor has a septum!
TanniceParamore's picture

this photo makes me smile so much xD
TanniceParamore's picture cover or brick by boring brick!
Parawhore_Lexy's picture

Aww ? This makes me happy!
AshleighLL.'s picture

taylor, you look so cute!:O
aiimeeWY's picture

Ok that made me hungry :l
easytuner's picture

It's so could be a pic from a " Epic Meal Time " Episode ! Love it ! Looks like Jerem is going to say " What ya know about cooking " !
Kxacuna01's picture

This is our family right here, if you did notice already...btw taylor looks so cute
Balbina Garza's picture

i would kill for taylor
Luisa Azevedo's picture

taylor you look so hot
hayjohn's picture

hahaha omg they're awesome... but Hayley looks really serious!-...
andrssa's picture

taylorss sepyummm s2 omg so hot so sexy and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah love u guys
anna_50's picture

who is taking the picture? you all look gorgeous.i love hayley's hair.