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Brick By Boring Brick

Brick By Boring Brick
Posted by Paramore
November 23, 2009
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on November 23, 2009 - 3:01pm
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Brick By Boring Brick



G.a.b.i's picture

is taylor the only one that's not in the video?
NeonSky's picture

it is like the little girl died in the same way as hayley did, if she now were a ghost. haha, i am difficult.
paramoreafreehouseNOISE's picture

This song and the video are about Project Monarch and mind control. Paramore are victims of mind control and there is nothing they can do to stop it. They have deliberately developed and engineered from pre-birth in order to be powerless slaves to the illuminati. This video has massive and blatant references to Project Monarch, a bi-project of the CIA's Project MKUltra. The main reference contained in the video is that of the Monarch butterfly, which is the main symbol of Project Monarch. It also references castles, mirrors, a fantasy land and contains symbolic references to Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz, all of which are used in the horrific programming of a Monarch Slave. This link detalis Paramore's plight, and shows that it simply cannot all be a conincidence. For anyone who does not believe me or doesn't understand it, fel free to contact me on msn at or on youtube at
xXJMuNiCoRNXx's picture

Haha I didn't even notice the guy digging was Josh and the Knight was Jeremy :P Best music video from Paramore!!!!!! ?Brick by Boring Brick?
MyMiseryBusiness's picture

The little girl just ruuns into the hole, so hayley throws in her doll xD haha I love this song soo much!!!! Love You Paramore xxoo
Alyssa_4's picture

I love Hayley's dress ^__^ I have a dress like this that has Haley in the video :))
pαrαm⊕rε_ƒαη's picture

@nickdabies7 ~ Exactly. This is the first paramore song I listened to
nickdavies7's picture

Absolutely love this music video. Probably one of the best from Paramore. Hayley looks gorgeous!
pαrαm⊕rε_ƒαη's picture

This song is myfave
dothebadthing's picture

Hayley, when twilight came out and the track decode along with it i had a very hard moment in my youth. A love that was so great, but that was not ment to be mine to have. You pulled me trough it. Now i'm in a relation for the past 3 years with that special girl. Decode has a strange feeling for me when i listen to it. A feeling that can not be discribed, it remembers me of pain, being reclous and the mystical feeling of a cold snow day. Thank you for that, it made me who I am now.. Who i will be forever. cincerely Anthony Pavone.
tweesles's picture

listen to this everyday on my way to school and always smile when i think of th girl falling into the hole lol thats terrible but true :P
Sherrione's picture

This, That's what You Get, playing God, and Ignorance are my favorite vids
Katixita's picture

Ilove this song...!!!!!!!!!!! I sing it every days and every places where I go xD he people think: this girl is crazy but I don t care I love you PARAMORE................from PERU
Hayde Leadduni's picture

it's my Favorit Song!!
paramore2499's picture

lol she falls into the hole. i cracked up! im soo mean!
ParaThrilla234567's picture

luv ur dress Hayley :)
Tuyến Nguyễn's picture

I love you Paramore :D
mattoz123's picture

funny how taylor has such a small part in this vid as a gnome :D 1:54
Fernando_2's picture

Do you speak portugase
Fernando_2's picture

I spek Portugase
DYT133's picture

hayley is gorgeous
PheonixLuv @ Paramore's picture

hayley does look good but i lik her bettr w/red hair she looks to much lik emma roberts in the vid
x KathrynWilliamsFarro x's picture

Hayleys sooooo gorgeous in this video .... and josh is... :3
LCLovesParamore's picture

love this song and video is great :D
LCLovesParamore's picture

hayley looks so different in this vid.
Megan035's picture

Hayley is beautiful!
safesthaven's picture

Great song and video :)
Paramorian247's picture

Paramorian247's picture

seansmithrulez-'s picture

Have you ever reliased you can notice the drums way more, don't know how but the drums are much different to the other songs....