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Leeds Dressing Room

Leeds Dressing Room
Posted by ParaWebCrew
October 18, 2010
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on October 18, 2010 - 8:00pm
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Leeds Dressing Room



MeganWilliams's picture

Hayley- i will now randomley throw something at the wall. :)
Suus_2's picture

Haha! I love it when Hayley is throwing something at the wall.. xD
threebars's picture

still one of my favourite videos on here haha :D
herp_derp's picture

LOL Josh starts humming "if I were a rich girl" :P
misguidedghosttw86's picture

one of the first videos i ever saw of Paramore! i love this! made me laugh for ages :P
xMsAwEsOmEx's picture

xDD Thatss Awesome !!! Haylz : Threw a thing on the wall .. Tay: TOYBOAT!!!! Josh:Paradadaada PAradada Zac & Jonny: Drumzz :DD Paramore=AweSomness
paramanic4ever's picture

love hearts and fredos and PARAMORE best dressing room ever
MrowrMint♥'s picture

and it still makes me laugh :') xxx
Kxacuna01's picture

TOY BOAT!!!!! tobobobobobo toy boat!!!!! *hayleys reaction* lmao how hayley throws a bottle at the wall xDDD
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ttcrazytt's picture

love this so much
schammielynn's picture

I loooove this video. taylor! :D
Button's picture

KupkakeErin's picture

hahahha gotta love taylor
Tallulah York's picture

paola watson's picture

woooww it´s so funny jaja I love the scream of taylor! and I love the part when hayley launched that thing to the wall hahaha I love all of youu!!
paola watson's picture

woooww one of the best videos jaja i love it
Em Massari's picture

Ahah ! Such an amazing band ! Gosh, they're awesome ! Unfortunately, Zac is gone... :/
ParamoreLuver13's picture

haha i luv taylors screams nd the way they all played nd hayley in the bak!
Auris268's picture

taylor's screams LOL
TayValin's picture

lsuria9's picture

taylor is so funny
Itfeelsliketragediesathand's picture

no matter how many times i watch this i still laugh at Hayley just casually throwing a waterbottle at the wall:)
CristieJatib13059's picture

2 favorite moments: Hayley throwing the bottle at the wall and Taylor's freakish yelps! XD
thereisonlymiserybuisness's picture

Taylor, your insane and I love it!
---Natalia---'s picture

I can't get over this video, I swear ohmygod. Taylor is so funny, and Hayley throwing that random thing to the wall, oh god, this never gets old :') Miss ya Zac :l. anyway you guys can do it way good without the Farro bros :)
TessaKayGoodman96's picture

LOL I love it when Hayley throws something at the wall
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paramorefan1k's picture

LOL: Toyboat, hehe, paramore is never boring, lol
CherilynDujardin's picture

madness lol :3