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I Caught Myself


I Caught Myself
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on September 14, 2009 - 8:00pm

I Caught Myself

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JAYO's picture

i like this song !!!!
misguided ghost_21's picture

im with you and we need the lirycs too!
aprilflowers's picture

hey sum 1 gota do somthen about the song not playen who wit me
Paradice Kiss's picture

How come "Caughtmyself" last one a second?
Gizmo84's picture

This song is better live. went to there first show for brand new eyes and the played it. I was excited cause months before I found this song by accident and stuck to me like all of they're other songs.
kate quiazon's picture

oh...crap..what happen??? isn't playing!!!
MsUnderstood_2's picture

thought it was jsut me...apparently not...
majo_2's picture

i want to hear the sog
HeyJosh♥'s picture

it doesn't work! ¬
paramor-luv123's picture

H3llo weres the song!
ilovejosh16's picture

why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the song isnt playing!!!! :'(....and it says that the song is 1 second!!!
theonlyproofthatineedis_you's picture

whats up with the song not playing?
JasmineSalas's picture

wat happened 2 the song i really like it hmph
Luciene Santos's picture

Perfeitaaa *-*
the one who starts RIOTS_2's picture

no lyrics and no song is not a good thing
Annalizaaa's picture

Where's the song?
Poppy3Paramore_2's picture

How come there's no song?
erinPara's picture

Where'd the song go?
marigabi's picture

I dont hear it were is the song
kotse's picture

i listened to this song over and over again
musiclover96's picture

i've listened to this song 221 times. i guess you could say i like this song.
mizbizfan0121_2's picture

iyarhea's picture

i love this song more than decode.. and this has the most play count in my ipod :)
Samantha_48's picture

So they post that the song is on the album, but not the song itself. Nice.
neostriker's picture

na its just a preview of the name
DREY_2's picture

The lyrics aren't wrote neither WHHHHYYYY ?! xD
DREY_2's picture

Why isn't it playing ? Anyway i love the part , you got it , you got it some kind of magic hypnotic hypnotic you're leaving me breathless i hate this , i hate this . ???
Sofía Conte's picture

it doesn't matter, i love this song (L)
paramor-luv123's picture

wats wrong with this song??!!
pcddiva's picture

Its broken :P