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Posted by ParaWebCrew
July 20, 2011
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on July 20, 2011 - 1:35pm
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russ perks's picture

simply cracking tune
aislinn velarde's picture

*-* love
jarrett lover's picture

i love this song
Nicamoree's picture

Taylor york is so cute!!
taqi90's picture

Emily's picture

Its a cool video. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Iliana Howard Bellamy's picture

this video is perfect buit I think without Zac it is not as perfect as it was before
MemoriesRemain's picture

lupita800's picture

zac looks dead in the water.funny.
rockergirf12's picture

she is so beautiful when at the beginning shes partially in the water.
ParaMonster_3's picture

God, I love this song so much, and I loove the video!! Can't wait for a new album :D
Rot's picture

I miss the farro brothers.....
shyann sing's picture

love this song your never too young to rock i LOVE YOU
Mila-.'s picture

Não me canso de assistir!
potatoehead89's picture

daaaang. thats intense. i like i like(:
Sai's picture

wooohhh!!! what a great song!!! PARAMORE ROCKS!!!
ParamoreFB's picture

damn, best thing ever.
deui rahaiu's picture

so cool
thats what you get's picture

saw this the other day on kerrang...wowza
rockabillyvamp's picture

Ok i love this video. Especially the water shots. But over all love the song. Definitely one of my favs now! Woooo go Paramore!
ronnoC's picture

Immense!!! I love Paramore!!! Love monster its my new favorite but i love all your others!
Steveo0's picture

Yes yes yes and yes, I love everything about this song
nadiadia143's picture

1:08 Are they holding hands?? So cute:D
kokobean's picture

AMAZING!!!! CANT WAIT TILL THE ALBUM COMES OUT!!! (love the crimped hair ;D)
Michy's picture

OMG! Love love love love love love love love love. This is my favorite video by far! Ahh I can't stop pressing replay!
FernyParis22's picture

Love your music! I'm always jamming out to it! I pick up my guitar and start to play along :) all of your music is LEGIT!
musicmaniac's picture

loving every little bit about this song and have to keep pressing play! go Paramore!
jack420's picture

I had to buy this video on iTunes today because I watch it so much :) love you Paramore!
sacrificer's picture

i love the bass in this, i love the lyrics in this I LOVE THIS WHOLE SONG !!! good job
Kelah3Paramore's picture

I can never get enough of this song. Paramore is life! keep playing u guys