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  • Ghosts?
    Posted on Oct 26, 2009
    Annalizaaa says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

                   Do you believe in ghosts? I don't really but, maybe they're real. What do you think?

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on October 26, 2009 - 11:56pm

               Do you believe in ghosts? I don't really but, maybe they're real. What do you think?

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With all the ghost stories out there I think it's a possibility. I guess we don't know for sure but I'd like to hope. If we somehow found solid proof, that would be great, just so people know there is an afterlife and one can remain themselves and even stay on earth after their body dies. I'm not sure its a fate everyone would hope for but it would sure satisfy me.

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I totally believe in them. Or at least the stories on

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Yes. I do believe in ghosts. Not the spooky weird Halloween white sheet variety, more the spirits and souls variety..... They're everywhere... Watching.... Us... For better or worse. :) I think it's a good thing... And yes, call me crazy, but I believe they can help us in our current "living" life... I believe in past lives too.. .And I have past life memories... They're kinda scary though :s
Psycho rant over :)

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Doubt it.


yes ofcouse the house im in now we have had some pretty weird and highly unexplainable stuff happen that just shouldn't be humanly possible.just one example would be we are restoring the house we are in its a very old house 1902 there was a house in place before it back in the mid 1800's a hammer was on a shelf i go to get materials for work i hear a loud thud turn around hammer is on the ground now you think oh it just fell off shelf but how can it fall off shelf 15ft away from were i set it??? im very supernatural person when i see a 100+ year old run down place i dont think ew tear it down its more like ooh! looks creepy lets investigate.
i always wanted to stay the night in a creepy old cemetery in hopes of seeing something, paranormal

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ive seen and heard lots of things that make me curious. what are they, where are they from, what is there purpose. In my experiance the ghosts ive seen and heard have been mostly pleasant. They seem to be warm and overtly sexual. Ive been kissed had my hair and face touched. I think to see and hear these spirits, you have to be in a higher state of consciusness takes alot of practice but its not impossible. Maybe they are the living having out of body experiances. Thats one possibilty. Ive been visisted by people i know are dead and people i know are alive. I was never sure on the subject but now i know ive seen what people call "ghosts".

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No, but yes!
Haha, I really don't know what I believe.
But today, my whole Spanish class was just talking about ghost stories, it was great!

CallMeSabrina's picture

ya i think they are real
faeries, witches, magic
stuff like that

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I believe in ghosts. I've seen tons of them and my dreams come true. And my friend calls me an energy vampire (I have yet to look that up on wikipedia...).

Not to mention that my room is haunted. @zanderstarloveshayley I should be a Wiccan, haha...but I'd feel weird just claiming to be one. I think Wiccans are awesome. Your religion (is it religion? I have no idea what you'd like me to call it) is really fascinating.

HaSBLey...'s picture

I've never seen one, but i believe in ghosts, witches, magic....

.deиižhe.'s picture

ive seen two ghosts in our house before it get blessed

Liem's picture

never seen one. gotta see one to believe it =P

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I've never met one, but I believe in magic and paranormal stuff.

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Yes, I believe in them. Ghosts are the view of a death person wich is not in peace and when it shows, even when they are all creepy, is because they need our help to go to Heaven. How we can help them? Praying for them.

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I know they're real! I'm Wiccun and I'm surrounded by the dead everyday day of my life. The thing is if you're not very open to the other side you'll never see anything. You may think I sound crazy, but I been seeing and dealing with spirits and ghosts type things for as long as I've been alive. My earliest memory of them goes back to when I was about 5 and I'm 20 now.

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hm, well... id like to think they were real, it would make life a little more interesting

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Never seen one, but I do believe they are real.

nocturnalkath's picture

i do...

had a paranormal experience before..and the ghost really left me cryin cause of fright..and to think i was sick at that time.. :|

Paramore_Chick94's picture

i do...

But it varies in opinion from person to person ...

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I believe in ghosts too...I don´t believe in the typical white ghost or a transparent figure but I believe in things that move, without beeing touched...or voices that can´t be real...
I don´t know how to describe, because my english is not soo good^^ but I hope you know what I want to say^^

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I believe in the ghost, thsi very truth but this not mean that all they are bad and good

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yes, i do

FrankSinatraJr.'s picture

i normally don't, but sometimes when i see tv programmes where they somehow prove the existence, i get a bit scared

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Ghosts are a load of crap :)

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Not until i see one in my eyes

.layla.the.panda.'s picture

sometimes i do, sometimes i dont

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i don't want to believe but they said they're true.
i wanna see 'em first..

Beth x's picture

i do.

CappuCino's picture

i don't believe.

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i don't. my mom said she say a ghost once though, but it could of been her imagination.