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on November 14, 2010 - 8:45pm

This is obviously sticky for a reason. It now appears whenever you create a discussion which is so fetch. Though, repeat topics are so not fetch.

Unsure whether to post or not and don't see the question here? Use the search bar!


Our most popular topics in Alphabetical order (as edited by Rachel Fabuleux, your other moderator):


Chat [Link to CHATROOM and CHAT DISCUSSION (If you want go to theParateers topic, we don’t bite hard ;))]

Classified Section (Ads for band members, merch sales, etc)

Deleting My Account

Favorite band 

Favorite Hayley Hair

Favorite lyrics (Links to PARAMORE LYRICS or ANY LYRICS)

Favorite member of Paramore

Favorite music video

Favorite Paramore album

Favorite Paramore Demo

Favorite Paramore Song

Favorite Song off of each album

Game: Count to 1,000,000,000

Game: Finish the Lyrics

Game: Name the song from the lyrics

Game: Paramore song Versus Paramore song

Game: Typing with your eyes closed  

How do I contact Paramore?

How do I meet Paramore?  

Introduce Yourself

Is Paramore Emo?

Is Paramore playing ___ Show/Venue?

Is Paramore Satanic?

Josh and Zac leaving Paramore

Josh and Zac’s New band 

Josh’s blog post 

Josh/Hayley old bf/gf relationship

Merchindise (finding specific merch)

Monster and Renagade (NEW SONGS) 

Monster lyrics and meaning

Monster Music Video

New Paramore Album

Paramore's name

PFC (Link to “SHOULD I GET IT” andFAQ)

Playing God video

Profile editing (HTML, Videos, etc)

Random (Post here with random thoughts, if you make a topic it will be deleted on account of being a graffiti topic)

Social Networking (FB, Twitter, Tumblr, ect)

Song Meanings

Song Reccomendations


Venting Thread

Webstore Shipping Inquiry 

When did you first hear of Paramore?

Where do you want Paramore to come?

Why do you like Paramore?

Your Band

Youtube (Your channel, favorite channels, ect)

Youtube Covers (Your song covers)



   Learn a little bit more about the forums here:

 Editing your topic

Deleting your topics


Ideas on how to create a successful discussion topic


Guide to Forums:

new version as improved by rachel

So, please, please do not post any more repeated discussions and save Rach and I some time, yeah?

Any more ideas? I'll cram them in their if you post them.


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"Getting Red Foreman's foot out of your ass (if you recognize this, I'll love you forever.)"

I recognize this!! :D

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with the cat*

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Especially the picture with cat! HAHAHAHA

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Yeah. Mine was the original. That's right. ORIGINAL. It's the first thing that pops up in the search bar

I nominate it:

AND My new Social networking topic:

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there's been a billon posts about paramore tattoo lyrics

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That a good thing?

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As long as it's not one of these, I won't chew em out.

I swear I'm nice to the newbies, I'm just a bitch to people who get an attitude about not deleting their topic.

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hahaha, i'm sure half of the newbies here are to scared to create a new topic now :-D

YelyahSandy's picture

I don't hate you.

I'm just naturally bitchy.


But seriously, I made this to help y'all out, I'm SO glad it helped.

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You must really hate us newbies :)

But thanks for the info! xD

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Done and done.

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Might be worth adding the link to Matt's topic on the MTV interview, to complete item 35.

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I Love 34. Nice one :)

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I'm glad! And thank you! :D

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Don't be a bipolar giraffe.

Look, I don't know why you have shit with us, but deal with it. Okay? You're getting annoying.

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I love this so much. I laughed through the whole thing. Well done!

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PWC agrees my topics are sexy.

ParaWebCrew says
(12 minutes ago)

Great stuff @yelyahsandy. We owe you. Thank you.

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we gonna find you, HOMEBOYYY. couldn't resist ;}
and wohoo however you forgot to metion the topic of

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Hey this is funny. :)

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This made me laugh! It brightened up my day so thank you.

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Hahaha! I love that pic with the cat!
great topic, made me laugh.
It is really annoying that there are so many same topics.

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You're welcome?

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