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Discuss the Monster Music Video

  • Discuss the Monster Music Video
    Posted on Jul 18, 2011
    Rachel Fabuleux says
    Edited on March 30, 2012


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on July 18, 2011 - 12:46am


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Adriana's picture

I love this video. Its so abstract and i really like the old abanduned hospital setting and everything.. And the lyrics of the song are amazing!

samlovesspace's picture

that video was GREAT! i loved the water scenes and that it switched back and forth! i actually got it thanks to several members of the site. i like the way that you make your viewers think instead of just putting it out there :) it's nice to know that some people still think in this get-it-now world that we live in. you guys rock!

paramorefreakshow's picture

who doesnt love it come on its awesome! and seeing the 3 of them still staying strong just makes Paramore even more epic!

Oh_star's picture

i love it!!! first vid and song without the farros and the song is about them but idk about the music video!!!! the song is one of my favs btw, and even though the music video isnt favorite, i still really really love it!!! even though i dont completely understand it yet. i love how the fuses blow and the all run around the hospial and how they are in water. i also love how taylor in jeremy are in the video more than usual, a lot more than usual actually. also i really love hayley hair color and style righ now (when its straight not when its frizzy) and i really love the outfit she is wearigng when her hair is straight!!!!!!!!! :D amazing video 10/10 5 stars

Oh_star's picture

@Natt_Zilla thanks for explaining that!! now i get it!! ive been reading all kinds of things of people explaining wat the thought it meant but i think your explaination was the closest. i was woundering how the vid would hav to do with the farros but i knew the song did and therefor i was confused. and now that i understand that it also lead me to realize that they were probably in a hospital, as if trying to reover from wat was going on between them, and then the big blow up happened where the farros left (the hospital's fuses blowing).. anyway thanks! paramore always makes things so deep and so hard to figure out and thats just awesome to me!!!

DeathByPencil3's picture

I loved it the moment i saw the first second, now i wanna run around in a hospital like they did!!

cre8ive0971's picture

i loved it! especially that they showed more of jeremy and taylor as opposed to their past vids. dont get me wrong, i love hayley, but they showed a lot of her in the vids and not enough of the other band members and im happy to see more of them :)

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thats a really good point, i never thought of it like that. i think its their best video theyve ever done, im really glad shane drake directed it:)

Natt_Zilla's picture

To start, I think this video is BEAST!! Even though its a song about their own, which kinda sucks, but kinda necessary for the faithful listeners (us).
The end is what confused me but now I think I get it. Even though everything is crashing around them (the Farro brothers leaving) they end up where they need to be BECAUSE of that: together. If they would have ended up outside, that would have been more reason to split up, now there's nowhere to go, yet everywhere to go. In the room together, with the exit exploding, they end up closer together, where they need to be: for us. Thank you Paramore, the new and improved.

J3LlyBlOb1234's picture

I thought it was interesting, and just like all other Paramore music videos -- creative and great. At first you don't really understand the meaning of the video though, you kind of just have to think of it then it jumps out to you. Great song too.

SugarCoatedBullet's picture

I thought it was really good! Very well acted, especially the part where stuff was blowing up behind Jeremy and Taylor. That looked so awesome..

lucas_6's picture

very good, at first you do not realize the true sense but then everything starts to flow in video.definitivamente like a lot of videos of shane drake

Angie_52's picture

I loved the video & the song, both are really awesome (:

xXstopthissongXx's picture

@nicci, me too! but i am 13

Imaswede's picture

I thought it was awesome! So much emotion and fighting spirit :) I'd say its on my top 3 list of paramore videos to date.

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Vapera's picture

I really really liked the video, but it's definitely not their best. I was kind of expecting a plot hearing it was going to be filmed in a spooky abandoned hospital. Anyways, the water scene is kinda irrelevant to the rest of their video, but I guess it matches with the drowning part from the lyrics. The explosions symbolise the difficulties they had when Josh and Zac left so they're running to escape from them/they are trying to survive as a band. At the ending scene (when they enter the room) they realise that this is where they are supposed to be.. they are still a band, they need to continue together..

hayley's truck's picture

But according to rule number 5, you must be 13 years old or older to be on this site! :O

Gonna_Sing_The_Doom_Song has given her interpretation of the video on the next page. Don't be lazy.

LilCCRebel's picture

Monster is so great. I love the song so much and the video. I love hayleys hair, clothing and just everything about this music video. OMG I just really love paramore I've been listening to them since All we know is falling in 2005. I was six then and now I'm twelve KEEP ROCKING PARAMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'VE STILL GOT IT!

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So far, this is the most epic video they've produced (clap clap to Mr. Shane Drake). I almost pissed off my pants when I watched this. dakdjhfla;dslkfsgf.
Can just anyone give their interpretation of the music video? Just to check if I got it right :)))

Kyle Lacey-Janetzki's picture

OMG I loved this video it was so awesome. I loved the running through the building as it blew up, it was epic. I love how Hayley looked when she was in the room with the red on the wall, she looked so seriously upset, it was amazing! I love the symbolism in this video and.....GAAAAAHH I don’t know how to say it in words exactly how much I love this video!!!!! I love you Hayley and I love paramore

Kevin Kaizer's picture

I love the part when they hit and kick the wall and
Hayley's hair is kinda curly in the video. xD

Crystaal13's picture

I love the video!!! I think it says alot and means alot!!! someone said down there about old paramore blowing up the chapel I never really thought of that btu I think it makes so much sense!! they are nto a christian band they are band that has faith and they dont need to prove it to anyone!... well I love the video and it is my fave video!!

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i think i am raping the replay button

xXstopthissongXx's picture

in the beginning she looks like taylor swift, but hayley williams is much better than her

xXstopthissongXx's picture

@techfec no offense but i hate skillet

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I used the official FBR embed code, guys. If it's not working for you it's either your country or your internet.

Kevin Kaizer's picture

the Viewers of "MONSTER" is not moving -.-

ORANGEHAY's picture < This Is The Monster! Not Monster This Monster That.

Techfec's picture

In all due respect, it's average. I actually like the skillet one better.

However, it is always nice to see Paramore rockin away.