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The Summer Tic EP

  • The Summer Tic EP
    August 02, 2006


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August 2, 2006
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Guys they only sold it at one of their tours and you can't buy it unless from eBay or something.
shallet's picture

found stuck on you in goodluck for searchin guys
xxlovexxparamorexxfanxx's picture

I tried to look for it on itunes and it wouldn't come up! Saying "there is no file maching your request" GRRRRRRRR >:( These are swesome songs too
MellyGirl's picture

why r there no songs???????????
AreYouListenin's picture

Olivia Buchanan's picture

Well... when it says Failure cover that is the band that originally recorded the song. ON the other hand i agree with you that it should say AWESOME cover.
Amber Lost In Thought_2's picture

and whats all this about 'Stuck on You (Failure Cover)' Seriously peeps, that song is amazing. As is everything Paramore puts out. I agree with the person below me, you should change it to 'Stuck on You (Awesome Cover)' ;)
Amber Lost In Thought_2's picture

Aww, I thought it was going to let us buy it...rejection. ... Ouch. Oh well, still love you guys more then a chocolate-holic loves chocolate cake! haha. Okay, that was corney as heck but you get the picture. :)
Ximena967's picture

Bogota miss u
darkside_tay's picture

the world is already a monster but im sure u guys can change it
LoLa's picture

I luv paramore! U are the best
Barbie's picture

i am in luv..................with PARAMORE!!!!!! DUDE! this gets better n better!!!! ;]
ICouldLiveOffRAMEN's picture

I totally agree, like "My Number One" and "Adore" are really some of my favorite songs by them
paramania_3's picture

i would love for them to make an album with all of their demos!!!!! lov them ssssooooooo much!!!!
Oh_star's picture

this should be back in print :( paramore should make an album of all their demos, songs from this ep, b-sides, rare tracks, really old songs, etc. and put them on one whole big albumand sell it :) that would make lots of fans happy and get them lots of $
paramoreMYLIFE's picture

Hey dudes, im a new member! i loooove Paramore! Hayley inspired me to be a musician...... she has the best voice EVA!!!!! LLUUUUVVV HER
quirkygirl9's picture

they should make a new album with a combination of new songs and the old songs on this that would be sweet
AreYouListenin's picture

I think if enough people asked them to re-release this on their bios then maybe they'll think about it. But one comment isn't gonna do it. We'd need A LOT of people. If y'all really want it as bad as I do, tweet about it, facebook it, myspace it, do whatever it is that other parawhores do and how 'bout we get them to re-release it?
Michaelle Cueco's picture

Wow! I didn't know that Stuck On You was a cover! :)
para-i-want-more's picture

stuck on you(failure cover) should be named stuck on you (AWESOME cover)
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smashthesadness.'s picture

if this was still for sale...
mDuchess's picture

Please re-release this. I want a copy of this CD. That'd be awesome. I'll definitely buy it.
AreYouListenin's picture

DUDE!! Where can I order this??? Or find it at all? I seriously want this. Like, more than you know. I would DIE if I got this. Of course, that would suck 'cause I had just got it and didn't even get to listen to it.....
1HayleyWilliamsFan's picture

Listen to Stuck On You (failure cover). Best song ever.
MisguidedGhost_19's picture

I couldn't find this on iTunes! I guess i'll just order it :D it's so good!
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I'm confused? so there are only four songs on this whole cd, and they're not even new?